Woud or Should?

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There is definitely truth to the statement that “Less is more and God is in the details” as spoken by one of the pioneers of modernist architecture, german-american architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. The Woud Design team are one of the fresher contributors to Scandinavian modern design filling up homes with their beautiful furniture pieces, staying true to their promise of functionality and comfort.

Giving extra importance to a calm and functional home, their simple designs focus on providing comfort and a general sense of well-being. In comparison to the vivid and pulsating outside world, their goal is to provide a contrasting feeling of a safe heaven in the bounds of your home, make life easier and evoke positive feelings.

Woud Frame Dining Chair and Pause Dining Chair

These dining room furniture pieces do exactly that. The elegant Frame Dining chair is inspired by the stringent outline of the scaffolding around buildings in Chinese cities. The seat is designed to be sleek and provide support for your spine allowing you to lean back and enjoy your dinner in style. Woud simply makes your home comfortable and beautiful!

The intelligent designs that Woud keep up with our daily needs! You only need to lift one finger to turn the upper table top to access your hidden treasured objects or close the lid to hide the mess of everyday life. The geometric shape and the warmth of the light oak wood creates a playful ambiance adding to the comfort of your living room. The Rombo Rug is a beautiful is made of wool and jute, with the contrasting colours woven into a eye pleasing pattern will bring a new level of tranquility and elegance to any room.

The Woud collection expands to include versatile pieces such as the Verde Mirror, that can elegantly decorate your hallway, bathroom or bedroom. Combining both curved and straight surfaces this mirror can be used as a shelf and a hanger, allowing you to decorate it with flowers or hang your towels at the bottom.

Yet another inspirational way to integrate functionality into a simple design! The Woud Sentrum side table can be a delicate structure in the living room or as a bedside table. Being stripped of all unnecessary elements this table creates two spaces on either side to store any books or magazines, creating order in a tasteful way.

Woud Elevate Shelving System

On the subject of elegant storage, the Elevate Shelving System offered by Woud provides endless possibilities. With different shelves and dowels you can arrange it in such a way that suits your personal needs and neatly organize your space, be it in your home-office or the kitchen. The light wooden structure is both playful and aesthetic, it will never overcrowd your interior and will allow light to fill up your room.

Woud Ray Dining Table and Chairs

The Woud Outdoor collection is a series of modern furniture designed to be lightweight and resistant to any spells of nature. The matt and resistant powder coated surface of those pieces will leave you not worried about your terrace furniture all year round and guarantee you have a comfortable meal whenever the sun is out.

With great attention to little details and the use of exclusively high-quality materials Woud brand does not fail to disappoint with their functional, timeless and beautiful designs. So you should definitely Woud!

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