World’s Top 5 Most Inspiring Shop Interiors.

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Shop interiors are no longer just for display of product. Surprising design elements and unusual architectural flourishes lure customers into a different shopping world, where objects inspire, rather than being merely sold. But to envision this new level of retail experience you don’t need to tap into space-age utopia or out of this world architecture. It is about clever design, where every single detail cultivates customer engagement, providing an experience for all sense. In a quest for these visually inspiring venues, the team at DYH has collectively voted for the top 5 shop interiors from brands all around the world. Please come in and enjoy.

Hermes Boutique, Paris France


Designed by RDAI, this avant-garde Hermes Boutique is a conversion of the Lutetia swimming pool located in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des- Prés quarter of Paris, France. Challenging our notion of space, the unexpected interior mixes different materials and shapes to provide a unique shopping experience as soon as you set foot in the store. The leading architect, Denis Montel, shares that the aim of the project was to first of all respect the original architecture of the swimming pool and then integrate an interior that is both “radical and astonishingly gentle”. And we couldn’t agree more.

Adashot Contact Lens Store, Tel Aviv, Israel


Completed by Miss Lee Design, the Adashot store is the first and only one in Israel, entirely dedicated to selling contact lenses. The concept store reveals a creative interior design solution, combining simple lines and interactive décor – definitely the coolest lens store we have seen.

Poccino Kids Store, Valencia, Italy



Displaying an inspiring and refreshing design, the Piccino store interior is blurring the lines between the real and the imagined. Based in Valencia, this imaginative venue was created by studio Masquespacio, who infused this commercial space with fun and colours. Enjoyed by both parents and youngsters, this shop interior is like a playground, making every visit to the Poccino Store an unforgettable shopping experience.

Neil Barrett Flagship Store, Tokyo Japan

Neil Barrett

Designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the flagship store of Neil Barrett in the centre of Tokyo is part of her series on monochrome boutiques created especially for the brand. The adaptive design of the space reflects the dynamism of the city, showcasing a futuristic compilation of shapes and materials. Functional and ultimately stylish!

The Cool House at Rokeby Studio, Melbourne, Australia


Another trendy venue in Melbourne is this pop-up boutique, located at Rokeby Studios. Offering a cool mix of brands, the shop is an eclectic mix of colours and quirky furniture complemented by artistic wall and ceiling decorations. The purpose of this extravagant interior is to awake your imagination and make your shopping a delight for the senses.

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