World’s Top 3 Most Inspiring Office Designs

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Workplace design, as we know it, has drastically changed its outlook and most importantly – purpose.   The relics of the isolating cubicles and sterile corporate environments have paved the way of a new type of workplace – contemporary, creative and most importantly, with people in mind. Fostering productivity and community well-being, these effectively designed offices encompass innovation, technology and clever use of resources to motivate, inspire and be part of the brand identity.

In search of the world’s most inspiring workplace design we came across the new offices of three very different, but significant brands, who has invested in the wellbeing of their employees by investing in a createive and functional office environment. Join us for a tour.


Whole Food’s Market Headquarters Office in California


The premium, healthy food chain store, Whole Food’s, impresses yet again with their brand new office facilities in California. Spread over two floors of ample open-plan workplace the purpose of the interior design was not only aesthetical, but also to reflect the company’s ethos of close-knit “family” culture, crucial to the brand’s identity.


The airy, spacious feel of the office is reinforced by the strategic position of the furniture, having all workstations located along the windows and private offices behind glass walls, offering everyone access to daylight as well as views of the whole office. This also nurtures collaboration and interaction, vital for a creative workflow and idea generation.




SoundCloud’s Impressive Headquarters in Berlin

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

The urban, industrial feel of SoundCloud’s spacious and trendy headquarters in Berlin, exudes the young culture and brand identity of this startup. This ambiance is reinforced by many of the interior elements, which were left unchanged from its former function as a brewery such as the concrete floors. This unconventional office space has a total capacity of 350 people, almost double to the current SoundCloud team of 180 spread in product, engineering, design, finance community, legal and HR teams.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin

A library, a garden, yoga room, fireplace, even a relax area with an acoustic isolating curtain – the office has all this perks immanent to almost every startup Designed by German architect firm Kinzo, this office is infused with unique features and high tech solutions.

The wood-burning fireplace lounge area is purposefully designer tech-free, so employees can “switch off” for a moment and engage in non work related conversations. There are also 16 uniquely designed meeting rooms that vary in size, but all feature glass walls to reinforce the company’s transparent image and culture. The designers also took special care in making the office eco-friendly with couch cushions made from sustainable hemp and coconut.

Kinzo_Soundcloud, Berlin


UBER Headquarters, San Francisco, CA


The 90,000 square feet in a former Bank of America are currently the home of the aggressively expanding company UBER, spreading its taxi app services in over 100 cities worldwide.

Every detail in this ample office space creatively reflects the UBER story. From stylized maps of the cities where UBER operates, to the careful use of materials and constructions, in order to create the notion of the different levels and types of cars, offered by the brand.


The glamorous, sleek side of the space, like the gleaming black wall’s and floor of the elevator lobby mirror the “maturation of a startup” as well as the brand’s exclusive quality.

The high-tech appeal of the interactive screens and walls of monitors is carefully balanced with walnut-slatted walls and carpet tiles patterned after a Persian rug. The main goal for the designers was to embed the brand ethos in the office interior – “Sexy and mysterious on the outside but totally transparent inside”. And we think they did it!


Picture source: Interior Design Magazine;  Business Insider Magazine;

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