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Welcome to our blog DesignSpice – your recipe for great interior design and decoration with a pinch of inspiration, a squeeze of style, stirring in trends and many more vital ingredients to create the perfect living space for your taste bud.



In here we will spice up your knowledge and challenge your views on the curious and ever evolving world of art, design and architecture. As passionate enthusiasts of the creative universe of furniture design, we follow the opinion makers that set the trends of tomorrow and dictate the style of our homes. At the same time, we also listen to you. We value your individuality and aesthetic view and want to offer you the most real online experience so you can express your design flavour and create your personal interior recipe.



DYH 3D Room Planner
This is why on www.dyh.com we have integrated a special 3D visualization room planner, where you can simply place the dimensions of your room and start creating your dream space. From quality solid wood furniture with minimalistic Scandinavia appeal, to luxurious high-gloss pieces reminiscent of the Dolce Vita living, our diverse collection of exclusive European brands comprises different styles and variations, to offer you the best ingredients for your home redesign. We want you to fall in love with our products as much as we love sourcing some of the most special furniture brands for you.
By placing and rearranging the different furniture in our 3D Room Planner you can visualize your new interior, the best colours to complement its shape and size as well as the most suitable style to bring your living space to life.   And if you have any doubts, we are always here to help.



Modern Living Room

Our team of experienced interior and furniture designers are always on the look for valuable design tips and new ideas to upgrade the urban living and infuse your space with energy and style. At DesignSpice we will give them the stage to share the vital ingredients of what makes a beautiful living space, how to use colours and how to enhance your room no matter the shape or size.



Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk
As every recipe has secret ingredients we want to hear about your design tricks, making your living space unique. This is why on DesignSpice we will be running regular competitions which will give you the platform to express and impress our followers by offering them a little pinch of your special design flavour. Pop by our Design Corner to get involved in our initiatives, giving you the chance not only to showcase your creative vision, but also to get your hands on some great prizes.

Let’s share our enthusiasm for great interior design and mutually create recipes for gripping aesthetics and impressive style. Let’s DesignSpice!

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