We Do Wood: Behind the Scenes

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The Danish brand We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011. We do Wood collaborates with many Danish furniture manufacturers, and creates a common tradition in Danish high quality furniture. We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011 with an ambition to unite Danish furniture manufactoring and strict sustainable principles. Today, more than 10 years later We Do Wood still strives to put the words of this ambition into practice by strictly following the highest quality standards when it comes to the selection of suppliers, materials and furniture manufactors.

Image Credits: Klaus Jorlet

It is important to We Do Wood to have a holistic focus. Therefore they only use certified suppliers who have a social responsible focus creating jobs and taking care of the wellbeing of the workers from the local communities.

Life on Land

Image Credits: Klaus Jorlet

It is very important to We Do Wood to contribute to maintaining and restoring the ecosystem. Therefore they are registred  FSC® partner, as well as registred Tree Nation partner. By supporting these organisations We Do Wood are reforesting the world to fight climate change.

Furthermore, they are a member of the danish landscape protection organisation called Danmarks Naturfredningsforening. Being a member ensures the protection of beautiful and special landscapes, the environment, wildlife and nature in Denmark.

Sustainable Furniture

Image Credits: Klaus Jorlet

To create sustainable furniture We Do Wood uses residual materials, and environmentally friendly materials. To improve the environmental sustainability and to reduce the carbon footprint all products are flatpacked and free from chemicals.

We Do Wood also uses formaldehyde-free glue, chooses water-based paint or even avoids using paint all together by implementing other techniques such as carbonisation and oxidation. The final products are chemical-, pesticide-, herbicide- and fertilizer-free.

Image Credits: Klaus Jorlet

Climate change threatens all manufacturers, fortunately We Do Wood can present that they have been sustainable since 2011.

Collaboration with the Upcycling Forum

Image Credits: Klaus Jorlet

We Do Wood has a great collaboration with The Upcycling Forum which is a network of companies that promote sustainable development by working together. They believe that by bringing production companies, creative companies and trading companies into a united forum, the untapped resources in the form of residual and surplus materials will be more available and create unique upcycling solutions.

One Step Ahead

We Do Wood Lily’s Chair

With its forward outlook We Do Wood is a leading brand: perceptive to the current context, motivated to work together with the community and for the community. With their global vision We Do Wood raise the bar of all sustainable and social responsiblilty standards, inspiring you to follow them on their mission.

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