Want to Live Anywhere in the Word? Welcome to the Ecocapsule

August 15, 2015 • lifestyle • Views: 2145

Embrace your adventurous spirit and freedom seeking nature as you can now live anywhere in the world, waking up to the most spectacular views, the one that even 5 star hotels fall short of. The Ecocapsule – a ground-breaking innovation with worldwide portability and flexibility allows you to have a sustainable, multi-functional home in any part of the world.


This ergonomic looking capsule can be used as an independent research station in a remote place, or simply as a tourist lodge to enjoy nature and scenery, like never before. This low-energy house offers the basic comfort of modern living, packed into a compact form with energy efficient shape. The capsule provides you with running water, warm bed and the facilities to make a warm meal – ticking every box for comfort and functionality.


Sufficiently large for two people, the Ecocapsule is equipped with a toilet and hot shower, kitchenette with running water, working and dinning space and plenty of storage space to place your entire luggage away. Comprising all the luxuries of a hotel room the Ecocapsule has the unique advantage of being sustainable in every wild corner of the world – on top of a breath-taking peak, on the endless romantic stripe of the beach, in the midst of the woods or in wilderness observing the wild life and unpolluted night sky.

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The clever technology behind the sustainable design lies in the outer shell of the capsule. The top part is covered in high-efficiency solar cells absorbing energy from the sun and a retractable pole holding a 750W wind turbines producing energy from every gust of wind. A compartment underneath the structure collects the rain converting it into purified water for cooking and shower. This high-end engineered structure presents an energy system that can support the self-sustained Ecocapsule all-year round in almost any location of the world



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