Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: show of Love and Affection

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Are you at a loss of ideas of what to get your loved one for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? We got you covered with our wide selection of gift options from a range of amazing brands. Of course, you might wonder why would one get something for the home as a Valentine’s Day gift? That’s because having nice things at home will allow the two of you to enjoy them regardless of the Covid regulations, the weather outside, in sickness or in health, at a very intimate level, while making every day special. Your gift is guaranteed to be appreciated!

Elegant Glassware

Nude Glass, Mirage Whisky Glass

If the two of you enjoy a nice glass of smoky whisky on the rocks, you will enjoy it more if it is served in this gorgeous mirage whisky glasses with their voluptuous shape and tapered rim. Made by Nude glass who are renowned for their handmade crystalline glassware, these glasses will enhance the experience.

Rosendahl, Premium Red Wine Glass

To set the perfect romantic dinner table, the generously-proportioned Premium Red Wine glass from Rosendahl will give the wine more than enough space for the bouquet to develop. These glasses would be the perfect gift together with a nice bottle of red wine or could be the perfect glass to serve a homemade cocktail!

Sabatier, Champagne/Wine cooler with saber

Why not celebrate this day of romance by popping a bottle of champagne? Perhaps, yet a better idea, slicing off the bottle’s neck with a saber, a French ceremonial tradition dating back to the Napoleonic times. With this beautiful set you will be equipped for proper sabrage that would make quite the impression.

Beauty Ritual Gift

Meraki Gift Box, Nothern Dawn Body Care

Giving a gift brings joy to both you and the recipient, regardless of the occasion. Surprise a loved one with this thoughtful giftbox from Meraki. It consists of a body wash and a body lotion with the popular Northern Dawn scent. The content list on these products could also work as an ingredient list for a fabulous meal, both products being certified as organic. The body wash nourishes and moisturises your skin with organic extracts from carrot and parsley. The body lotion provides extra softness and moisture with almond oil and cocoa butter. Northern Dawn is a refreshing scent of fresh oranges, cedarwood and sweet balsamic.

Everyone should treat their hands with extra care during the winter season. This is the perfect kit containing a moisturizing soap and rich hand lotion that will keep your hands soft throughout the whole season. A very thoughtful gift for your loved one!

Decorative Objects

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Kay Bojesen’s universe of wooden toys has just added more than songbirds to its family. These love birds only have eyes for each other as they stand there beak to beak. Decorative on a desk or window sill, they are a little reminder of love.

OYOY Toppu Vase

Flowers will never become an outdated gift especially appreciated for bringing some summer vibes into the home. Yet, a perfect vase is not that easy to come by. This elegant vase will quickly become the centerpiece in any room, grasping all of the attention and filling the space with an air of sophistication and exquisite style.

ENO studio Candleholder

These slick design candleholders will add elegance and a warm ambiance to the dinner table or the living room area. Designed by Sebastian Bergne from ENO Studio, the piece will perfectly suit an appreciator of design. Sometimes it is the simple and functional gifts that are most appreciated!

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