Tribute to the Masters: Scandinavian Style

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It is safe to say that Scandinavian Designers are at the forefront of minimalist modern design, having perfected the art of combining form and function in the most elegant and seamless way. Formally, Scandinavia comprises the countries of the Scandinavian peninsula, i.e. Norway and Sweden. However, due to cultural, geographical, linguistic and historical ties, Denmark, Iceland and Finland are also included in Scandinavia in a broader sense. The native Scandinavian interior is characterized by the living conditions and the environment of the people. One encounters vast forests and lake areas, barren landscapes and steep fjord coasts. In addition, there are short summers and long, cold and dark winters. The Scandinavians live very close to nature. This also is reflected in the Scandinavian style of living. When it comes to furnishings and furniture, they like to use local woods such as birch, pine and spruce. Scandinavian decoration is also largely made of natural materials such as linen, cotton and leather, usually lovingly handmade. Take inspiration from these experts in the field and share my admiration for their modern thinking.

More space at the table

Nordal Hau Dining Table

If you want to live Scandinavian or furnish yourself Scandinavian, you should reach for furniture and furnishings that are simple and clearly designed. Typically Scandinavian is also a large table in the living or dining area, which offers space for many visitors and invites to socialize. Scandinavians prefer simple and practical pieces of furniture, which in the best case can be used for different purposes. As a rule, they do without flourishes and flashy decorations.

Optimise and trap the light

Natural light is scarce in many areas of Scandinavia due to the long, dark winters. Therefore, spacious, light-filled rooms are created to capture as many rays of sunlight as possible. Often, a fireplace can also be found in the Scandinavian interior. But you can also live Scandinavian without a fireplace. Lamps and candles in Scandinavian design can be used as light sources in a particularly appealing way. ea even more light-filled, you should use light wall colors.

Play with colours

Colourful rag rugs and fleece blankets, patterned curtains and pillows bring coziness and color into the Scandinavian living room and reflect the Scandinavian joie de vivre. The Scandinavian style of living is timeless and modern at the same time. With our little journey into the Scandinavian interior, we would like to show you how the Scandinavians manage to combine the practical with the beautiful. With stylish furniture, bright, vibrant colors and the right lighting, you too can live Scandinavian in your home!

Mater Rocker
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