Top 5 Summer Interior Trends for 2017

summer interior trends 2017, geometrics

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Summer is well and truly here, and it’s a perfect time to refresh and reset – including when it comes to your own four walls. We’ve scoured the world of interior design to bring you the season’s top home trends as well as a little bit of summer inspiration. As we found out, summer 2017 looks set to be all about escapism, fun and a touch of glamour. And luckily, getting the look needn’t cost an arm and a leg – almost all of our Top 5 Summer Interior Trends are easily achieved with just a few well-chosen accessories.


Jewel tones (and whites)

Deep, dramatic, rich and romantic – that’s the palette for this summer (and this whole year) with jewel tones such as amethyst and emerald green joining soft pastels and other hues found in nature.

summer interior trends 2017, jewel tones

Cobalt blue is another tone from the natural world that will feature in lots of homewares as well as in large pieces of furniture and on walls. But don’t worry if you’re not feeling so Bohemian – mixing pure whites with more natural shades such as bone white is also popular if you’re looking for something a bit more neutral.



Triangles, lines and geometric patterns are on trend this summer, particularly those drawing on ethnic designs for their inspiration.

summer interior trends 2017, geometrics

Using geometry helps give the home a ‘curated’ look, but if there just isn’t the room in your budget or in your home for large geometric pieces, accessories such as pictures, patterned cushions and geometric lighting are an easy way to get the look for 2017.


Texture, texture and more texture

Perhaps as a counterweight to our ever-busier lifestyles and all the technology in our lives, 2017’s homes are more and more a place to retreat to and recharge our batteries – and that means lots of comfort, cosiness and lovely textures when we get back home.

summer interior trends 2017, texture

Super soft materials such as faux fur, sheepskin and mohair are joined by fabrics featuring techniques such as pleating, folding and chunky yarn stitching – it’s all about the feel.


Tropical prints

Just as texture is providing a retreat from the world, our next trend is also all about escapism – with a touch of the exotic! Fun tropical designs featuring lush jungle vegetation and exotic wildlife will appear on wallpaper, designer fabrics and accessories. Just adding a couple of patterned cushions to your existing sofa means you won’t go overboard!

summer interior trends 2017, tropical prints

A taste of the tropical is also a great way to tie in Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017: “Greenery”. The bright, juicy green takes us back to nature and represents revitalisation and refreshment – perfect for summer.



When aren’t metallics on trend? Summer 2017 is no exception! Copper is still in but may be on its way out… and it will be joined (or maybe even replaced by!) warm bronze and rather glamorous brass.

summer interior trends 2017, metallics

Brass needn’t be polished and shiny; satin brass is growing in popularity and gives a warmer, more muted effect and works brilliantly with a range of styles. Brass also suggests a little bit of opulence, as do jewel tones and texture – a touch of luxury is beginning to look a lot like a theme for 2017…


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