Top 5 Secrets for Scandinavian Christmas Decor

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Here we are again, approaching the festive time of the year loved by so many of us, who embrace the Christmas season with all its festivities, decorations, cosiness and winter beauty. For many, dragging the dusty boxed with Christmas toys is a long awaited tradition, which not only engages the whole family, but also lights the magical spark of Christmas in the whole house.

And who knows best about Christmas decoration than our friends from the North? Yes, Scandinavians have a long-lasting affair with the beauty of this season, and every Scandi home you enter has this cosy, yet extremely stylish take on the festive décor. So lets take a sneak peek into their best-kept secrets for a truly gorgeous Scandinavian Christmas Décor.

Christmas Decor candles

Set the Mood With Candles

Oh yes, every Scandinavian home illuminates with the soft, dim light of candles. You can have them in a jar, decorated with some pine branches, clustered in a tray to complement your table’s focal point or simply by the window to evoke that mellow mood of the Holiday Season. The Scandinavian style is the one closest to nature so handmade candle holders from tree branches or trucks are very welcome. Simply drill a hole into a well-chosen piece of wood and position your candles, creating that earthy, forest feel. If you are on look for a stylish candleholder check out our beautiful selection of hand-crafted pieces for the home.



scandinavian christmas decor

Minimalistic Yet Stylish Christmas Tree

In alliance with the Scandinavian minimalistic style values, Christmas tree decorations are kept modest and simple. Do not over-adorn your tree with colourful toys, stars and ribbons. All it needs is a few, pretty toys glancing amongst the green branches. You can also get creative and construct your own Christmas tree from wooden branches – popular trend in the Scandinavian home.

Scandinavian Christmas Decor

scandinavian christmas interior


Scandinavian Christmas Interior

DIY Your Unique Decorations

Christmas is also about arts and crafts and we all love to express our unique creative spark into making our own Christmas decoration toys. Even tough minimalistic, the festivity of the Scandinavian Christmas can be expressed in many ways and forms. Tie around your tablecloths a small pine branch together with a cinnamon stick to add a festive feel to your table with the natural symbols of this holiday.   You can give a new look to your old Christmas toys by wrapping them in cotton fabric, giving them a subtle and earthy look. Christmas Wreaths are an important part of your decoration, but since Scandi décor does not allow pompous ornamentation, a rosemary branch, tied in with a rope string will just do.

Scandinavian Christmas Interior

Scandinavian Christmas Interior


Scandinavian Christmas Interior

Festive Wall Accessories

Get your wall festive with hanging ornamentations, without overpowering the interior. This is why you have to focus on neutral colours, real branches and small in size garlands. Place a few green wreaths by the window or small decorations made out of wood and enjoy the delicateness of this Christmas ambiance.

Scandinavian Christmas Interior

Scandinavian Christmas Interior

Scandinavian Christmas Interior

Get Cosy with Throws, Rugs and Cushions

Cosy rugs, cushions and throws are a must when adding the final touch for your Scandinavian Christmas décor. Stick to the neutral colour palette and add cushions with winter graphics and details. Woollen or even fur throws and rugs will be stylish complement in achieving the wintery ambiance. One of our favourite is the Domino Throw, made out of Lamb’s Wool with beautiful pattern in natural colours. Throw it on the side of your sofa and make your living room that one notch cosier.


Scandinavian Christmas Interior

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