Top 5 Home Decor Trends for 2018

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Farewell to the very stylish 2017 and in with the treat that 2018 has prepared for us. But what can top up the design reign of last year, with its bold aesthetical presence, yet elegant flair adorning the most style-cautious homes? We decided to drench our curiosity with some of the leading interior design trend forecasters and hand picked what we thought will be the 5 leading décor guidelines marking the stylish home for 2018


The tech-free living room

The over-abundance of digital gadgets in every house has taken exponential control over the quality time spent with the family. This is why the living room of 2018 is turning back to its original purpose – bringing together family and friends for interaction and entertainment, rather than staring at the TV screens. Off with the digital distraction and on with a living space designed to serve the need of people to engage with one other.


living room design

Choose a focal point, like the fireplace or the coffee table and arrange the furniture in order to accentuate it and offer your family and friends an aesthetical and comfortable setting to enjoy. One of our favourite items to serve the purpose of this trend is the chocolate brown Telna Modular Sofa, from our Luxurious brand, available to be arranged in the way your family needs for their quality time together.

The indulging bedroom

Rustic is gently sneaking into the bedroom interior design for 2018 Soft, natural colours like white, beige and light grey will underline an earthy look, making your bedroom a true personal sanctuary. A bed back from recycled wood will emphasise this look creating a stylish focal point.


Bedroom interior design DYH

Combine with storage baskets in different size and pleat as well as candles and vases complementing the colour scheme. For those of you struggling with storage you might want to consider exposed clothing rail racks, which will further add to the negligée style of the bedroom. Explore a range of items that will fit your 2018 bedroom redesign in our bedroom section on


The raw looking dining room

In 2018 the dining room embraces the raw look, inherent in the furniture and accessories made out of wood, metal and glass. Dining table with an unpolished surface and uneven, asymmetrical edges will create the desired raw effect.

Dining room design DYH Dining room design DYH

Combine the look with metal or clear glass hanging lamps that will emphasise an industrial ambiance of the space. A best-seller and truly popular for 2018 is the Whitcombe Chair in metal, which you can combine by suspending the Pasteur Ceiling Lamp above the dining table, adding a touch of industrial chic.

The ‘open’ kitchen

Strip away the cabinet doors and cupboards. The kitchen of 2018 demands openness, exposing your kitchen appliances and cutlery on display. The simplicity of open shelves gives a raw, yet homey look into the setting offering a more rustic feel into the kitchen area.

Kitchen interior design

Kitchen interior design DYH

Create a focal point with industrial looking ceiling lamps in metal, which could also be in a bright colour in order to pop up as an accent. Storage metal tins, glasses and flower pots will serve their functional purpose as well as being strategically arranged to offer an aesthetical impact to the kitchen surrounding. Handcrafted from a solid Mango wood, the Storage Casket by Norr11 will be an exceptional addition to your open shelves kitchen.

The avant-garde bathroom

The bathroom interior trend for 2018 unveils yet another level of design mastermind. The genius combination of functionality and non-common shapes and forms produces the inspirational and unique effect of avant-garde. This year the bathroom will look different. Out with the familiar contour of the sink and in with all kind of bowl and square-shaped basins, which will add an artistic vibe to the overall look.

Bathroom design DYH

Bathroom design

Mirrors are also taking upon the redesign path, stepping away from their usual square shape and offering an artier look, without compromising on functionality. Check out our extensive collection of mirrors that will trigger your design inspiration for 2018.





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