Top 5 Garden Designs

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Summer is upon us and we are frantically looking for new ways and creative ideas to update our garden look, and give it the trendy appeal of Summer 2016. Sure a few of our outdoor furniture collection can add a note of modern ambiance, but how about we have a glance at some of the best garden designs, which redefine the outdoor space into landscape art. And here are our top 5 garden design favourites.

Top 5 Garden Design

The ZEN garden

Borrowing forms and elements from the east, the balance of geometrical shapes and natural material, creates equilibrium between the man-made construction and the surrounding flora. The square shaped structure acts as decorative shelving as well as an optical partition, contouring the outdoor dining space and giving it a more defined outlook. To complement this natural setting, use furniture made out of recycled wood and iron such as the Arasuda Dinning Table  or the Franco Dinning Table


The ROMANTIC garden

Lighting is at the epicentre of creating the most romantic atmosphere. The owners of this heart-warming garden have certainly set the mood with dozens of small hanging lights and candleholders. To add to the cosy atmosphere, colourful cushions spring a pop of colour to the dreamy ambiance of this garden. Check out our hanging lights,like the NUD pendant light, perfect for achieving similar effect for a romantic evening in the garden.


Top 5 Garden Designs

The FUN garden

A simple cylinder shaped construction can be used as a stylish and comfy nook for relaxation. It can also add a great level of artistic feel to your garden, creating a truly eye-catching focal point. An alternative to the simple bench solution this cylinder structure can be used for both large and small gardens for comfort, fun and most importantly be the wow factor for your guests.  Complement with some cool cushions.


Top 5 Garden Designs

The FLOATING garden

Floating forms, organic structures, natural colours and pure symphony of shapes – check out this beautiful garden, which incorporates artistic landscape with functionality. The clever architecture offers a dining area, a greenery section, lounge corner, water element and storage space, all thanks to the smart way of using space to its optimum. Get the Design Folding Chairs, which are the perfect space saving furniture choice for smaller gardens.


Top 5 Garden Designs


If you style is inclined towards clean, modern lines, then you should definitely review a more contemporary look for your outdoor space. Elegant and functional, this fashionable garden design offers both aesthetical and practical qualities, presenting a lounge area as well as a dining corner with furniture in the same material. For a cleaner look you can combine fake grass and pebbles in any natural colours to create the interesting effect of the surfaces.



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