Top 5 Creative Christmas Shop Window Displays

November 22, 2017 • lifestyle • Views: 6731

There are just a few days to go until Christmas, and if you’re anything like us, there are still a handful of last-minute gifts and stocking fillers left to buy before gathering around the tree with friends and family on Christmas morning. But even though time is pressing, we’re going to take a little break from the bustling crowds of Christmas shoppers to have a look at some of our favourite creative window displays for this year’s festive season. Stores around the world make an enormous creative effort to make us smile and draw us inside, and we found so many fantastic festive displays in our search. Here are our top 5 favourites.


Fortnum and Mason, London: ‘Together we’re merrier’

Brand communications agency Otherway brilliantly reminds us to put our differences aside with nine humourful arrangements for Fortnum and Mason’s 2016 ‘Together we’re merrier’ display. The scenes warmly depict classic foes – the lobster and the chef, the bull and the china, the turkey and the butcher – getting along famously. ‘Together we’re merrier’ directly references Brexit, and in a year of political shake-ups in the US and UK, Fortnum and Mason celebrates togetherness and understanding at this special time of year.


Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC: ‘Land of 1000 Delights’

Larger-than-life lollipops and candy couture make the ‘Land of 1000 Delights’ the most delectable of this year’s festive displays by far. The mouth-wateringly colourful concept took 250 people over 10,000 hours to create for Saks Fifth Avenue. These tasty treats got us thinking about making our own edible Christmas decorations. Why not add some popcorn and cranberry tinsel to your tree or hang some gingerbread bunting in your own festive window display?


Galeries Lafayette, Paris: ‘Arctic Christmas’

Another stunning display that inspired us to get crafty with our own Christmas decorations is the climate-aware ‘Arctic Christmas’. Paper cut-outs and elaborate origami creations show a family of polar bears in search of a new home when the ice floes melt. In the end, the polar bears find Galeries Lafayette. Luckily, you don’t have to be an origami master to get folding and decorate your own home with some simple paper Christmas stars, snowflakes or even a wreath.


Liberty, London: ‘The Nutcracker’

Liberty of London teamed up with the Royal Ballet to present a conceptual Christmas display based on one of the world’s best-known performances: ‘The Nutcracker’. Rather than showing off Liberty’s merchandise this year, the magical scenes evoke the spirit and excitement of Christmas with drama, dance and a much-loved musical score.


Barneys, NYC: ‘Love, Peace and Joy’

Artists and collectives such as Nick Cave, Studio Job, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone got together with Barneys to spread an important message for the festive season. The five windows are dedicated to creative representations of Love, Peace and Joy. And everybody passing by Barneys is invited to get involved and spread the spirit of Christmas by showing their Love with a heart, making a Peace sign or jumping for Joy and sharing their photos using #LovePeaceJoyProject. For every photo posted, the Barneys New York Foundation will donate to selected arts, education and human rights charities – not a Scrooge in sight!

Right, we’ll let you get back to the last-minute shopping, wrapping presents and preparing that fantastic feast. We hope you enjoyed taking a little breather with us, and maybe we’ve even inspired you with some creative decoration ideas for your own festive window displays. All of us here at DYH wish you a wonderful Christmas time with family, friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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