Top 5 Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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It is again that wonderful time of the year, when you gather friends and family to exchange presents, share timeworn but evergreen stories by the fireplace, have unreasonable amount of food and of course impress with immaculate Christmas home decoration. It is that contagious Christmas sparkle and festive spirit that overwhelms us every year and puts us in competition with ourselves to devise an even more dazzling table setting than the year before. Awing centrepieces, glittering ornaments, polished silverware, inventive name-tags, golden mantels, candles, flowers, you name it. The Christmas table decoration is a complex balance of the right components to give an inspiring setting for your festive meal with loved ones without being overpowering. Here is our choice of stylish table set ups so just take your pick.


Rustic & Earthy

Surprise your guests with rustic table decoration, echoing the cosiness of a mountain log cabin. Enhance the set up with fresh evergreens and pinecones, forming a beautiful centrepiece to enrich the natural flare of the table. Mix white or red candles of various heights and try to find actual wooden underplates to have your rustic Christmas table decoration complete.



Monochrome & Modern

If you feel like abandoning the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, you can easily create as much impactful table decoration with the classic monochrome combo and a dash of bright color. Here at DYH we have an affinity for yellow, but you can use any other color, depending on what you find in the cupboard. With monochrome you should always bet on the different patterns and minimalistic set up so it does not become overpowering. Simple paper decorations, elegant candlestick and Christmas tree ball for nametags will complete this unconventional and stylish Christmas set up.


11 Christmas Dinner Table Ideas

Red & Festive

If you are a real traditional Christmas fan, than red should be the predominant color in your festive table set up. Garlands, Christmas stars, glittering ornaments, ribbons, red-pillar candles, red flowers and that special Christmas dinnerware. The whole set up is the epitome of festive and it will instantly set everyone in the holiday spirit.



White & Wintery

Create a little winter wonderland for your festive Christmas dinner. Focus only on two main colors, like green and white, and create a centrepiece with ornaments that evoke a winter feel. To create the icy look spread some white glue on the greenery, in a few places amongst the branches. Snowflakes in any form or shape are also welcome as well as big, round white candles reminiscent of snowballs.



Simple & Classy

If you are in the mood of throwing a sophisticated, elegant Christmas dinner party, than do not overdo it with decorations and glittering ornaments. Tall pillar candles should be your centre point, decorated with the symbolic for Christmas evergreens or red flowers. This minimal and organic, yet luxurious decoration is best accompanies with white table mantel, the special occasion dinnerware and white cloth napkins. Simple, yet classy!

Did you get some ideas for your Christmas table set up for this year? We wish you a wonderful and sparkly Christmas holiday!

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  1. Jon Wood says:

    Amazing concept. As the ideas are really very good, in the festival of joy that is Christmas all the family members come together for celebration and they sit together on the dining table. The decoration of the table will give a warm welcome and peaceful mind. Thanks for Sharing the blog.