Top 3 Tips for a Stylish Outdoor Décor

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The skies are getting that deep blue colour, the temperatures are warmer and the shining sun lures you out enjoying that pleasant switch of seasons, which entails lots of outdoor entertainment, dinners and a chilled glass of wine during sunsets. This means it is time to check on our long forgotten patios, gardens and terraces and see how we could revive them for the new season with a trendy feel and a splash of colour. Here at DYH we came up with the top three, easy to apply tips to create an attractive outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends.




Whether small or spacious, you can reimagine your outdoor venue, infusing it with life and vibrant ambiance. The furnishing is one of the most important features of the space. If your patio is restricted in size then focus on foldable, space saving chairs and tables, which will be easy to put away and at the same time accommodate a larger group of guests. The perfect item for this occasion is the Design Folding Chair Ultra Slim, which is easy to store without taking too much space.


If you benefit from a larger garden or terrace, then turn your attention in placing some elegant soft furnishings in white or beige colours. This will add a light, summery feel into your exterior and will allow you to mix and match different in colour and shape accessories and lamps. You can also complement the greenery and plants in your garden with wooden furniture, which perfectly integrate with the outdoor nature. A great addition to your exterior set will be the Ducombe Coffee Table – lightweight and easy to maintain and move around.





Accessories are an integral part of creating a stylish and unique space for your summer days’ home retreat. Accessories will give personality and character to any space as well as adding comfort and a cosy feel to your garden. Colourful, artistic cushions create an impressive focal point to any furnishing as well as providing a relaxing feature to your sofa or chair. Creative pillows and funky accessories and decoration will add fun to your outdoor space making it an attractive part of your home. Check out the creative and unique patterns of Ohh Deer cushions as part of the collection on






What better to set the mood than the right lighting? Subtle outdoor lamps are a vital part of creating the right ambiance and feel to complement your planned entertainment party or romantic dinner. For this purpose we would recommend simple and functional pendants, which would produce a soft diffused light. Have a look at the Nude Classic pendant on This simple, yet artistic pendant comprises only from a bulb and a cord, which comes in a large variety of colours and patters to fit with the individual design taste and needs.



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6 Responses to Top 3 Tips for a Stylish Outdoor Décor

  1. Andres says:

    Very good post!!!

  2. Rhys says:

    So many good articles i read here!

  3. Louis says:

    Great tips for outdoor decor 😀

  4. Kyle Wayne says:

    I like your point about how furniture can really shape the outside of your home. My brother just finished building a home and he’s now working on beautifying the outside. I think I will encourage him to find a professional that can help him decorate it will classic things such as windmills, lamps, and even furniture.

  5. Elsa Anderson says:

    My husband and I are currently decorating our backyard and we want to make our garden look more stylish so I am glad that I found this article. I never thought about using lights as decor before and that they can help to create the right ambiance and atmosphere for a party or dinner. I will make sure to find some simple and subtle lamps to complement the garden. Also, I agree that accessories will give character to our outdoor space and that adding a sofa with unique color patterns for the pillows is a great way to spice it up.

  6. Alicia Byrne says:

    I like your idea of using accessories to make a statement of style in our garden. My husband is looking to decorate our garden to prepare for our daughter’s wedding. I am thinking of having some windmill decoration in our garden to fit in with the theme of a grassland.