Top 3 Secrets for Designing Inspiring Cabin Interior

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Isn’t winter the most fantastic season?! We do bubble with excitement on the doorstep of every season, but winter caries a bundle of magic, festivity and cosiness, unparalleled to any other time of the year. This thought imminently takes us to the long awaited opening of the winter cabin, with its cosy breath of forest, nature, fireplace and new holiday memories in the making. As a second, vacation home, the cabin is your relaxing retreat, which interior design is set to sooth, offer comfort, as well as exhibit you individuality and personal touch.

Stepping inside the compact, yet mighty cabin, here are 3 of the best-kept designer secrets for creating your inspiring cabin interior.


Nothing but Neutral


Let the exterior of the vibrant nature around your cabin balance the delicate and neutral hues of the interior. Layering textures, patterns and different materials can overwhelm your décor, unless you keep the colour palate neutral, soothing the senses and adding the peace of mind you seek when coming to your cabin. Unpolished, natural wood surfaces as well as tables and shelves made out of recycled materials will create the authentic cabin feel, connection to the surrounding nature.  Get inspiration from out extensive Brooklyn Loft collection and snatch a few items to adorn your cabin for this season.




Subtle Pop of Colour


To make a space more dynamic, every room needs a deserved splash of colour, but make it subtle so you can keep the delicate ambiance of the cabin feel.   Create a focal point with a gentle, pastel colour that will not overwhelm the setting, but will contribute to the softness of the overall design set. Bright pastel green or blue or earthy blown colours can be applied to the cushions, accessories, even some of the furniture frames so you can make the space truly unique. Focus on the rugs, wall art and floor lamps, which can all show off with a different colour attire, creating an accent piece in the room.  Have a browse in our colourful selection of beautiful accessories inspire and complete your cabin design with the needed pop of colour.

Cabin interiror design

Cabin interiror design


Make it Authentic

Cabin interiror design

Mix and match styles and accessories from different places and from different origin. This is the way to give your cabin the unique ooze of your personality, showcasing interesting accessories and objects from the places you have been, the memories you have collected and the moments your have experienced. There is nothing more unique than the combination of different styles, merging them together into a harmonious marriage of shapes, forms and belonging. Bring this individual aspect to your cabin by tastefully display objects that you have collected over the years, caring the spirit of different arts and crafts.  Get inspiration from our collection of hand-made storage boxes with an authentic appeal as well as functional role.

Cabin interiror design

Cabin interiror design

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