Top 3 Sports Venues in the World

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With the rising focus on health, sports and wellbeing, people spend considerably more time and resources in sports facilities and recreational centres. Media, literature and press are constantly stressing the importance of a healthy body and healthy mind and their inextricable relation. In response to this health craze, sports and spa centres are reinventing their services and facilities in order to offer a wide range of activities and amenities to satisfy even the most pretentions health advocate. Along with this reinvention of the sport venues their redesign is an inseparable part of this emerging hype for wellbeing and body care. Check our three of the most impressive international sports venues and their remarkable, ultra modern design and facilities.


F3 Familien und Freizeitbad, Fellbach, Germany

Located in Fellbach, Germany, the F3 Familien und Freizeitbad is a luxury water park offering indoor and outdoor pools, including some dedicated especially for sports. The facilities also have a rejuvenating spa area offering all the perks from sauna to steam rooms and Turkish baths.

Designed from the acclaimed architects studio 4A Architecten, this modern sports centre impresses visitors with dynamic design, bright colours and high-end facilities. The ceiling is comprised from pine, acoustical panels painted in the same colour as the glass mosaic adorning the lap pool. The asymmetrical shape of the leisure pools and the zigzag form of the ceiling give energy and trendy vibe to the water centre, making it a preferred venue to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun with your family and friends.

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WMS Boathouse at Clark Park, Chicago, USA

Located along the east bank of the Chicago River, the WMS Boathouse at Clark Park is a premier rowing centre offering unmatched facilities for year-round training of canoe & kayak. The WMS centre is located in the Richard Clark Park – 19 acres of beautiful green space, where visitors can also benefit from a soccer field and free-ride bike park.

The design masters behind the modern facilities are the architect specialists of Studio Gang Architects. They complete the venue with all the necessary facilities for premium training along with an impressive 50-foot-long concrete simulation tank for rowing, with glass windows revealing a view at the real river. The high-tech gym benefits from ample space, concrete floor, wooden ceiling and a wall of window offering a raw ambiance interlocked with the surrounding nature.

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Allez Up, Montreal, Canada

The cool, trendy flair of this indoor climbing centre in Montreal, Canada irrevocably comes from its clever design and use of colours and shapes. Allez Up is an eco-conscious climbing gym catering to all ability levels as well as having a recreational area for yoga and pilates practice.

The design company behind this impressive project is Smith Vigeant Architects, who created a vibrant array of colours, artistic mix of materials, not compromising on functionality and comfort. The ambitious vision of the architects also gave birth to the Silo Climbing – a 125ft outdoor climbing wall. This wall is currently the highest artificial climbing structure in Canada attracting adrenaline seekers from all parts of the country.

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