Top 3 Interior Trends for Autumn

October 12, 2016 • design recipes • Views: 4124

As we say farewell to the long sunny days, warm breeze, endless open-air nights with friends and family, we start shifting our mood into a more cosy mode, when the indoors and especially their design and ambiance play a vital role into how we welcome this transitional season before the big chill.

Fall is beautiful and known for its rich, earthy colours, offering tons of inspirations to designers, artists, architects and fashionistas. One of the best things in every seasonal change is the excitement around all the new emerging trends that designers have in store for us.   And this year we can definitely see some movement into re-establishing the home as rich heaven for personal rejuvenation, relaxation and nurture of family and love. And just how are we about to achieve this in this coming Fall 2016? Here are the top 3 interior design trends standing high on the pedestal for this Autumn’s trendy home.


Palette: Dark & Cool

DarkColours 2

The fun, frivolous days of summer are over and it is time to look into darker, more mature colours to set the tone for the upcoming season change. Colours such as grey, rich purple, indigo, dark blue in all their shades will create an indulging ambiance, creating rich personal stamp on your interior.   Don’t mistake this palette for moody! Balanced with the right doze of natural colours this colour scheme will offer a sophisticated note to your interior, without overwhelming the surrounding. Think about rich grey fabric sofas like the Macchiato Sofa, or dark coloured accessories such as the Jar Fifty-Four from Norr11. You can easy infuse the darker tones in the room with your wall art and shelving. How about the Dempster Shelf Metal in Dark Blue, handing across your favourite Invalde rocking chair. This palette offers endless options, challenging your imagination with its creative routes.

Dark Colours



Furniture: Simple & Elegant


Our ongoing affair with the simple and beautiful Scandinavian-inspired furniture is going to be particalarlly visible this Autumn, when ornate surfaces and shapes give way to clean lines and minimalistic forms. The Nordic influence naturally brings into our homes wintry accents from chunky knits to animal skins. Solid natural wood surfaces and earthy colours will create a sophisticated balance with your dark palette decorations, as well as infusing a cosy, snug feel into your living space. Created with the leading principles in Scandinavian design, the furniture and accessories from the DYH Scandinavian Interior collection offer a wide range of high-quality pieces to complement that desired look for this season.




Textile: Fun Pictures and Patterns

Fun Patterns

So far our two top trends sound very serious and stern. To add life and fun into the equation don’t be afraid to add an unexpected print or patterned throw. A real eye-catcher will be the growing in popularity cushions with humoristic image of an animal or situation.   You can search through plenty of fun cushion from our selection of Ohh Deer cushion – a definite mood –lifting accessory, which will break the strict patterns of dark colour and minimalistic forms and add dynamic into the room. You can also introduce a few wall clocks with oversized numbers like the Clock Vintage, which will perfectly match you trendy Autumn interior for 2015.

Fun Patterns2

Fun Paterns3


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