Top 10 Wedding Décor Ideas

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With the fast approaching wedding season we decided to compile some festive inspiration for this truly memorable moments celebrating first and foremost the mightiness of LOVE. We have to admit, that we also have some personal interest in that topic with a few of our own DYH team heading en route to the wedding aisle this summer and we are very keep to spark some last minute inspiration for their special day.

Whether you are drawn to the romance of the beach, the breath-taking mountain peaks, the rusty sentiment of an old barn, or the sleek appeal of the contemporary venue, here is our selection of the top 10 wedding settings and ideas, which relate to the 10 most important values in every marriage. We hope to inspire every bride and groom to be.


Love :: A Flower Waterfall

Decorate the ceiling with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, delicately falling above the tables.



Romance :: Seaside Sunset

Choose the perfect sunset hour to infuse the romantic atmosphere of your special day.



Eternity :: Breathtaking and Endless Mountain Scenery

Choose a spot for your vows, overlooking the majestic beauty of the mountains



Family :: Rustic Romance

If you are a fan of the homey and cosy appeal of the rustic style, create your décor using wooden furniture combined with field flowers and greenery to resemble the cottage look and feel.


Fun :: An Industrial looking bar

What’s the busiest spot in any wedding? Of course the bar area, where you can really get creative with the design of the bar and storage solutions.



Peace :: Sky Lantern Lighting

The Chinese Sky Lanterns are the symbol of problems and worries floating away. You can replicate the look of the original sky lantern adding a flair of subtle peace and harmony to your venue.



Prosperity :: Elegant & Chic

Many of us dream for a chic, modern décor to compliment a stylish and sophisticated table setting and additional ornamentation.



Harmony :: Barefoot Fiesta

How much more fun can it be than dancing on the beach till sunrise. You can integrate completely with the sea and surrounding nature by placing your guest for the festive dinner directly on the sandy beach.



Trust :: Merging the Interior with Nature

How trendy is this structure, currently located in Hannover, Germany. Creating simple contours, outlining the shape of a church will allow you to merge the freshness of nature with the formal demands of every wedding ceremony.



Friends :: Fun Accents

Create a few fun elements and décor details, starting from the venue signs, to add to the fun, unique factor, to be later remembered by family and friends.





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