Thinking Inside the Box – Shipping Containers Turned into Designer Homes

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Normally used for transportation and logistic purposes, shipping containers are definitely a novelty in the real estate market. With over 24 million empty shipping containers in the world, these cargo boxes are becoming the new craze in high-end modular homes, being recycles into contemporary, trendy residences with much infused creativity and colour. Shipping containers are built to be fire and flood proof, making them a favourable home-building material, providing good isolation and durable structure. Usually ranging in length from 20 to 30 feet, shipping containers offer a decent sized space – a canvas to unleash your creative interior design visions. As they are usually used for only 10-15 years, prolonging their life and recycling them for further use is definitely having a positive effect on the environment. Have a look at some of the most creative shipping container homes infused with style and trendy flair, offering all the comforts of a standard home.


Shipping Container Guest House by Poteet Architects


In need of a guest house? Why not construct one in your backyard from a shipping container – compact, practical and at the same offering all amenities and comforts for your guests. Located in San Antonio, Texas, this guest house was designed with the help of a local architect Jim Poteet, who has infused the simple box with much style and artistic flair. The floors and walls of this 360 square feet living space is covered with repurposed bamboo, and the whole structure is placed on recycled telephone poles. This guest house offers everything from a living room, study area, bathroom and an outdoor patio to enjoy the beautiful garden views


Shipping Container Residence, Sao Paolo, Brazil


Colourful and artistic, this shipping container residence in Sao Paolo, merges an elegant, modern interior with funky and playful exterior. This home was created by renown Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, who executed his creative vision by stalking and placing together a number of containers to create an ample living space. Large cut outs for windows and translucent sliding doors provide lots of natural sunlight and open up to an elegant courtyard with palm trees. This vibrant and bold construction has an architectural significance due to its uniqueness and repurposed nature.


Six-Unit Shipping Container Home, Arizona, USA


The large property merges six shipping containers, creating an ample living space, which is no short of all the comforts and luxuries of any designer home. Built within the time-span of two years this house offers the benefits of a rooftop terrace, large glass windows for plenty of natural light and brick staircase, complementing the industrial feel of the interior. For extra durability and support, the floors are made out of concrete adding a stylish raw look to the ambience of the rooms.


Mojave Desert Shipping Container Home


Known as the Tim Palen Studio, this 2300 square feet residence is the first home in the Mojave desert created from abandoned shipping containers. For extra durability and in order to successfully connect the six shipping containers, the house is supported with pre-engineered steel components. With elegant and highly practical interior, which opens up to breathtaking views of the desert, the place comprises of one bedroom, open-plan living and kitchen area and 1.5 bathrooms.


Maison Container Life Residence


Built in the record time of 3 days, the Maison Container Life Residence is constructed by eight different containers, offering a total living space of 2,200 square feet. The residence was designed by the French architect Patrick Partouche, who accentuated the natural shape and patterns of the containers by paining then in bright red and keeping the original doors.

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