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February 10, 2023 • design recipes • Views: 1265

The beginning of 2021 has come with many new year resolutions motivated by clearing up the chaos that the passed year had brought upon us. Among many things, we have definitely come to terms with that fact that working from home is part of the new norm. With an excpeted vigour and excitement many furniture brands have uncovered designer pearls in their home-office collections. Here is a teaser of some trendy ideas that we would like to share with you!

We Do Wood, Field Desk

The flexible home-office desk designed by We Do Wood, occupies minimal space while allowing for storage of your office essentials, such as laptops and magazines. The natural oak colour of this beautiful piece adds an immediate sense of warmth to your study, while the brass brackets allow for easy dissassembly (should there be a change in the current regulations).

Keeping in line with Scandinavian Design, Hübsch combines exciting materials, impressively functional shapes while remaining playful with colours! This black ash sleek console table optimizes the storage of files and other clutter without taking over too much space in your study while also serving as the perfect spot to place plants and decorative vases. The white chair mimics the console table in terms of materials but it’s light colour makes it seem almost transparent.

Preserving the warm colours of the wood, these black ash and oak pieces will allow you to effortlessly create your individual workspace optimizing the space that you have available. The black and natural wood pieces beautifully complement each other, giving your study a sense of elegance and airiness. The light and simple structure of the dresser seemlessly blends it into the wall. The straight angled shape of the black ash box allows you to stack them on top of each other and safely store away important documents. Meanwhile, the beautiful bulletin board is a simple way to keep track of some bills and papers or the ideal spot to hang your calendar.

Beautiful items such as this black marble clock with brass arms will make it easy for you to keep track of time while decorating your light walls. The metal shelf will bring some harmony to your home office while preserving a proffesional look. Meanwhile, the minimalist concrete desk organizer will hold your pens and pencils in stylish order, adding some rigidity and harshness gently contrasting the warm interior design of your study. Stay up to date by checking out the DYH Home Office collection for new ideas and inspirations and create the study that is uniquely yours!

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