The First 3D Printed House is Coming to New York

June 29, 2015 • lifestyle • Views: 2727

Architect Adam Kushner is definitely taking the heights of architecture to the next level. His newest, very ambition project is building his own house, well, more like printing his entire house, making the first ever 3D printed estate.

Located in upstate New York, the architect’s five – acre land will be home to this innovative structure, featuring 2,400 square foot pool area, luxurious Jacuzzi and a 1,500 square foot indoor area with 4 bedrooms.


For his aspirational project, Adam Kushner will use a modified version of Enrico Dini’s D-shape printer. Dini became known to the architectural world back in 2005, when he built the first 3-D printed architectural structure, using stone-like composite as well as printing artificial coral reefs in response to ongoing concentration efforts. His company D-shape will be providing the enormous printer, which was initially built for a project by the Italian military and will be now used to print Kushner’s entire new home.


The massive machine uses a combination of sand and crushed particles from the construction site. The mixture is then bind by a magnesium solution giving sturdiness and durability to the structure. The most interesting part of the process is the production of unique shapes and forms, otherwise difficult to execute. Adam Kushner has designer his house with uniquely curved roofs and walls with different in shape and size cut-out skylights. The dynamic and at the same time organic looking structure has a futuristic feel, complementing its unique, ground-breaking origin. In his own words, Adam shares his views for of this relatively new, innovative method of production.

“About a year and a half ago, I started to become immersed in 3D printing. I said, ‘OK, who’s doing this on the construction level?’  That is where I see the future. I don’t care about the toys or the games or the little things people are doing on their desktops. What I really saw, was the bigger potential for 3D printers in the construction industry. That is a trillion dollar business, and it changes the paradigm of how we build.”


The time frame for this amazing project is to have the pool area completed by the end of the year and the entire estate printed by 2017. When finished, this will be the first entirely 3D printed property, merging the roles of design and built and setting a new chapter in the history or architecture.



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