Stunning Fall Flower Decoration Ideas

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Autumn brings out rich, opulent colours in nature, inspiring with their deep hues and earthy appeal. Decorating your home with the blossoms of Fall allows you to invite the beauty of this season into your house as well as apply your creativity and unique arranging skills. Let us share some easy and fun ways to create stunning flower centre-pieces, showcasing the best produce of Autumn.



Hanging bouquets of sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the most gorgeous plants, brightening the space with their joyful hues of yellow. Tie them together in a circular bundle and asymmetrically hang them on a string from the bean in the kitchen. This field flower brings a nuance of harvest and nature and is a great companion for your home Fall decoration.


Use chestnuts as a base

Chrysanthemums come in many colours and are one of the most popular flowers for decoration of your autumn scheme. Pick two colours and a bunch of greenery and choose a glass vase for your bouquet arrangement. Fill the vase with a layer of lentils and the rest with chestnuts to serve as a base for the flowers. This beautiful arrangement presents the earthy feel and look of Fall and a perfect centrepiece for the dining table.


Get the harvest look

Fall is the season of harvest, when we collect everything we planted in spring. To get that harvest feel create a bouquet of flowers such as roses and yeast and wrap the bouquet in dry branches to create the look of the crop fields – an iconic image for Autumn.


Create a pumpkin vase

Create an all time fall favourite with variety of orange-hued flowers aesthetically arranged in a hollow pumpkin, which will serve as a vase. This iconic fall arrangement encompasses the symbolic colours and flora of Fall and is a creative way to adorn your home for this season


Elegant and simplistic – use artichoke

If your interior inclines toward the more minimalistic design set and furniture make sure your decoration also reflects this style’s key principles, ie less is more. A lot of plants from the artichoke family flourish during fall and they might be your best alliance in addition to a sleek vase.   Their subtle colour in hues of green and purple will act as a delicate, yet very elegant touch to your living space.


Creative with corn and dried flowers

For a beautiful fall arrangement with a lasting power don’t forget the attractiveness of dried plants. Their long-lasting qualities will allow you to enjoy the decoration until the first snowflakes alarm you of the change of seasons. Corn is another autumn symbol, which you can use as a base to hold your dried flowers together, offering an artistic aspect to your bouquet.


Apples anyone?

In line with getting ideas for creatively decorating the base of your autumn vase, how about using one of our favourite Fall fruits –apples. Green, red or yellow, apples are a beautiful addition to any decoration, and will usually look even more pretty in long glass vases. You can finish off with any type of fall flower – dahlias, roses, or bittersweet.


Make pumpkins your centrepiece

If you are in a craftier mood you can simply focus on making pumpkins the centre piece of your Fall decoration. Choose a few pumpkins or gourds in different sizes and get creative by painting them in the earthy hues of autumn – gold, brown, beige, white, red and yellow. You can arrange them in the centre of the dining table to infuse the seasonal feel to your dinner parties.


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