Storing clothes without closets

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Don’t want to take up all the space in your bedroom with massive wardrobes and bulky cupboards? Then don’t! Personalising and customising your furniture to create the best fit for your interior is easy. Scandinavian design puts emphasis on simplicity and functionality but it does not have to be universal for all and can materialise into various shapes and forms to best suit your personal needs and wants. This blog post is about being honest to yourself about what you need and how you can organise it best. You guessed it right, of course, we are talking about great racks.

Parade your jacket obsession

We Do Wood Frame Hanger

Coat racks have often been undervalued, often conceptualised simply as decorative objects, they can be the perfect addition to your bedroom, both in terms of style and function. Be it your favourite shirts or your secret obsession with jackets, there is no need to cram them away in a dark wardrobe anymore! Let your jackets come out of the closet and hang in full glory on an elegant frame hanger, or two, displaying the full range of your collection.

Plenty hooks for coats

We Do Wood Coat Frame

Perhaps, you might be more of a casual wear individual. Well, you don’t have to get some wobbly stand alone coat rack in the hallway that tends to fold under the weight of all your coats. The wall-mounted coat frame securely performs its function without taking up unnecessary space and while looking pretty stylish.

Extra versatility for an accessory lover

Woud Töjbox Wardrobe

For those looking for some extra space for head garments and other accessories this “wardrobe” would provide that extra versatility. This perfect sturdy coat rack comes with a top shelf available to accomodate all your scarves and hats. The organic and appealing way in which this furniture piece leans against the wall would bring character and elegance to any room, be it the bedroom or the hallway.

Creative mess coat rack

Woud Knaegt Coat Rack

If you often find that every possible surface in your room quickly accumulates a variation of different clothing then you might benefit from the Knaeft Coat Rack. Whether used as a hanger or as shelf it will quickly transform the mess in your bedroom into a creative fashion corner.

Order with Shoe Racks

We Do Wood Bamboo Shoe Rack

Last but not least, one does not go far in life without shoes, but also, not without the right storage for them. Nothing is worse than stumbling over piles of shoes on your way out in the morning, or struggling to find the other one. This shoe rack is an adjustable shoe organiser made in solid and sustainable materials. It will keep your footwear in pristine condition and look slick and stylish all the while.

Bottom line, the is no need for closets closets closets…

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