Skandi thrill: lamps with Nordic charm

November 12, 2023 • lifestyle, New Trends • Views: 283

YOYO Kasa Table Lamp

With these lamps in typical Scandinavian design, you create a wonderful feel-good atmosphere in your home. The combination of white and light solid wood can be seen a lot in Scandinavia but has also taken its place in our hearts and interiors.

What is the concept behind Scandinavian Design?

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Make light like in the far north: The Scandinavian interior style inspires with its friendly appearance projecting bright colors, natural materials and a minimalist design. The charming Skandi flair is also absolutely in vogue when it comes to lamp trends. We have fallen in love with the characteristic Skandi mix of wood, white and clean lines in our interior lamps. Make your home shine with these bright northern lights!

Why is light so important in the Scandi style?

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Winter in Scandinavia lasts much longer, in some cases, the winter months even stretch from October to May, almost a whole half a year! The Scandinavians therefore defy this long-lasting darkness with a lot of brightness in the living space. In addition to a friendly color scheme for the interior, different light sources play a major role in the Scandinavian style. One enjoys brightly lit rooms. Candles and Scandinavian table lamps on side tables, on the shelf or on the sideboard set cozy light accents and give each room comfort and character. Warm white light looks even more pleasant and underlines the hyggelige ambience.

Natural materials in Scandinavian Design

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Extensive forests and picturesque fjords – the love of nature is great in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. That’s why Scandinavians bring nature directly into their homes with natural materials. Nordic-designed lamps then also like to wear lampshades made of cotton fabric or linen, while the lampstands are made of glass or the Skandi favorite wood. Especially bright, domestic woods such as birch and pine are often used bothhol in Skandi lamps and Scandinavian furniture. Real wood has an incredibly warm, natural and cozy aura. Wooden lamps in Skandi style perfectly emphasize the hygge feeling in your four walls.

Nordal Noam Table Lamp
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