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The position we all hold more than any other for an average of 8.9 hours a day is sitting down – what you are probably doing right now while reading. This can have unwanted effects on our posture, the flexibility of our joints and our muscle strength, not to mention sluggish metabolism.

What fascinates me is that humans evolved over 1.5 million years entirely on the ability to walk and move. And literary 150 years ago, 90% of human endeavor was still agricultural. In a tiny spec of time we’ve become chair-sentenced. James A. Levine, specialist at Mayo Clinic, for Science magazine, 2014

Did you know you could still exercise while seated? To offset your long working hours of being static in front of the computer you can do a daily routine while seated in the office and avoid building up tension on your neck, shoulder and lower back.

leg exercise durrng office work - standing man reading at tablet

Dr. Yang, highly qualified practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine, advises that during work we should stand up and stretch our body every two hours to maintain the flexibility of the spine. In addition you could simply get into the habit of standing up when you are on the phone. This will create a regular movement, beneficial for the everyday tonus of your body.

This trend as evolved into the conceptual “chairless” workplace – complying with the anti-sitting agenda of medical researchers continuously stressing the negative effects of sitting down for long hours. The idea is definitely taking traction as a few workplace design agencies have already started designing conceptual spaces of technically desk free zone, where people could only lean or prop on inbuilt structures with odd angles.


To improve your seated posture you can do the simple exercise of squeezing your shoulder blades in together and hold for up to ten seconds before releasing slowly. Do between five to ten repetitions, while typing that important report and you will notice a great improvement to the strength of your upper back area.

Sitting in a chair can also set you off with a thin waistline. Simply draw you belly button in towards your spine and hold for five seconds before releasing. Very much like trying to zip a tight pair of pants. Repeat this exercise a few times a day and you will have that desired, muscularly toned stomach.


Another one that you can get away with (without raising the eyebrows of your colleagues) is leg lifts under your desk. Lift one leg until it is straight and parallel to the ground and hold for a few seconds. Repeat with each leg up to fifteen times.

The chair you are sitting in now can also contribute to the problem of having back pain and tension. If your office chair is not ergonomic you might be missing out on all the advantages this great design offers to the body. The ergonomic chairs are created following years of research into body movements in order to improve health and productivity.

A fine example of the synergy between elegance and ergonomics, the Design Office Chair Hihg Back Flex360 a shape molded in line with the body to provide support for the back and offer maximum comfort for work or relaxation.

So don’t forget to look after the comfort and tonus of your body during the long hours of sitting at work. It will make all the difference to your focus and productivity.

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