Rug Trends: extra layer of comfort and beauty in your home

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Modern rugs and carpets are back in trend and are missing in almost no apartment. Their advantage is that their modern design with the most diverse styles and motifs fits into any room. The New Year brings forward the rebirth of carpets as statements, decoration and a way to bring extra comfort into your interior. Carpets can be useful in many aspects, whether it is a playzone in the kids room or as canvas for a tasteful arrangement under your beautiful coffee table, setting a contrast to a piece of furniture or simply providing a layer of softness under your feet.

Living Room

WOUD Tact Rug, Off-White

The visual division of space in large rooms, like the living room or dining room, can be very aesthetically pleasing. For this purpose area rugs are of great use, as they can be placed under key pieces of furniture, designating a certain area within the room. Choosing a light colour for the area rug can make the space appear even bigger without taking away attention from other details in the decor.

Hubsch Poppy Rug, Blue

Meanwhile darker rugs can be most practical in living rooms where there is a lot of foot traffic and perhaps access to the garden. Those carpets are great at creating a pleasant mood in the area. Matching the colour of the rug to the rest of the room is key, in which a lighter coffee table and couch around the darker area rug will immediately stand out more.

Hubsch Aisle Rug

Using an area rug under the dining table can also be a way to separate space in a living room with an open-plan kitchen. Although picking a light colour is definitely a brave move, the choice of a synthetic fabric for those rugs is the most important.


Hubsch Rhomb Rug

A wide range of motifs can also be a beautiful decoration, with geometric patterns being a very trendy part of contemporary design. You should buy carpets that, for example, also thematically fit into your living space. Especially in these cold winter days, a layer of extra heat isolation and a warm cosy ambience is a definite advantage. Using smaller rugs in combination with complementary colour pieces of furniture can also be an ideal trick to add cosiness to any room.

Hubsch Poppy Rug, Burgundy

Kids Room

OYOY Lion Rug

The children’s room is a space where a lot of action takes place, adding some soft textures to the floor is most practical. With many playful designs available, imagination is your limit. Immediately adding a note of playfulness, round carpets can perfectly fit in any room. Take inspiration from the different rugs and add an extra layer of comfort to any room in your home.

OYOY Lucky Clover Rug
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