Reinventing Berlin Spaces with the Power of Interior Design

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces

July 4, 2017 • OTTO'S CORNER • Views: 3544

There is one rule every designer tries to obey: Reinvent yourself. Although every interior designer has their own style, technique and preferences, they try to constantly find new concepts and ideas, combining their skill set and visions with the reality they live in. This idea popped into our heads when my owner Gregor started to look for new design furniture classics he could implement into his apartment; reinventing his previous idea and enhancing it by accentuating some spots in his space. On his search, he first stopped at the diverse DYH online catalogue to see what it has to offer – and he found something he immediately fell in love with: the Butterfly Chair. It was exactly that style of furniture he was looking for to reinvent his space. But our reinvention should not stop here, as another great idea popped up in our heads. The creative team at Otto von Berlin had the idea of showing the great variety and diversity our home Berlin has to offer and how it is constantly reinventing itself. This is our tale of reinventing Berlin’s Spaces with the power of interior design.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 1

“Berlin is my home, my office, my living room, my space; my everything” – Gregor Drobnic.

Out of this idea, the creative team at Otto von Berlin paired up with up and coming photographer Martin Popp to show a different side of Berlin. Our vision was to highlight the variety of the city and the countless opportunities and faces this city has to offer. But most of all: to show Berlin’s spaces and how interior design is changing its face.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 2

We could have not picked a better interior design classic than the Butterfly Chair, designed by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy in the late 30s. The Butterfly Chair is therefore also called the ‘Hardoy Chair’, referring to its famous inventor. During the 40s, the Design director of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York City named the Butterfly Chair one of the ‘finest achievements of modern chair design’.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 3

Years later, European interior design companies started to bring back this all-time favourite design classic into people’s homes, their spaces, and, in our case, our Berlin spaces.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 4

The Butterfly Chair is all about functionality. It is easily foldable, making it a very useful interior design piece that can be implemented in many rooms. Its core is eclectic, so it doesn’t break the style of the previous environment created. Its folding mechanism is hidden very subtly, keeping its design luxurious, due to a practical steel tube frame.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 5

“Interior design is about many things. It gives us the opportunity to enhance the environment we live in, to optimise it to our needs and to make it most functional to us. This is why I am personally obsessed with the Butterfly Chair. To think that this design classic was built in the 30s shows how inventive Hardoy’s vision was. He wanted to build something that is so multifunctional yet timeless so it can be implemented in any space we can imagine. So why not use Berlin as our space? Such a diverse city offers multifunctional purposes that we wanted to highlight.”

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 6

Therefore we went on a journey to rediscover and reinvent our beloved Berlin. What we didn’t intend was to pick the most rainy day Berlin had to offer in recent years, but we luckily didn’t get too wet.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 7

We went to some of our favourite spots in town, influenced by the industrial heritage such as Tempelhofer Hafen, Schlesisches Tor and other parts of Kreuzberg. But Berlin is more than just its industrial style. We went to the famous Kurfürstendamm in Berlin’s west, stopped by in Mitte and ended our journey in our office. Berlin has many spaces, many faces – and that is why we can never get enough of the city.

Butterfly Chair in Berlin Spaces 8

At this point we want to thank everybody who was part of this amazing reinvention of Berlin’s spaces. We want to thank DYH for contributing our design classics, Martin Popp for his amazing shots, Aleksandar Kovacevic and Eden Patrichi for modelling, Flores y amores for shooting in their shop and Berlin for being so uniquely beautiful and showing us its ever-changing face.

Yours Otto, von Berlin.


Photos: Martin Popp

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