Pedrali’s Beauty, Tradition and Innovation

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Beauty, Tradition, Innovation is the motto of Pedrali – an Italian family-owned company producing contemporary design furniture. It started off producing garden furniture in the 1960s, grew rapidly while keeping it’s production local and developed an inspirational reputation in the international market. The company’s philosophy and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship has won them numerous awards for their efforts directed towards Sustainability and Durability in their production process, and appealing aesthetics in the product design. Through working with a number of talented designers, they have allowed for highly creative and fresh ideas to come to life!

Innovation in setting the light

Giravolta wireless lamp

The Giravolta lamp is a perfect example of innovative design as this wireless, rechargeable floor lamp can illuminate any corner. The warm light creates an enticing atmosphere for a heartfelt chat or an evening reading session. The minimalist design, with clear geometric lines make this floor lamp very elegant, the vibrant choice of colour is eye-catching, while it’s portability makes the lamp ideal for the gardeb or terrace.

Respecting tradition and blending in new technologies

The Soul chair, a design by Eugeni Quitllet is an original piece able to express an idea of uncontaminated and pure creativity, defined by its soul. In the words of the designer, the chair has “Purity – something that hasn’t reached the final materialization yet.”

They set out with the goal to join the ancestral experience and knowledge of the work of wood that should not be lost, and the technology that they use today that allows them to look to the future. To do this they had to put two elements together to join the forces of the two technologies. The chair’s curved flowing wooden structure is held together by a transparent seat that appears suspended. Using this technology you are left with is “all the beauty of wood and all the magic of the seat that floats in the air”.

The affordable comfort

The sinuous and round shapes of this polycarbonate armchair designed by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci make it functional and elegant. Being part of the “Archirivolto” studio, their goal is to provide the customer with a reasonable quality-price ratio, which drives their search for the most innovative materials and processes.

The ergonomic shape and appealing design of the Gossip chair, forces one to “spill the beans”. The products of Pedrali feature in many innovative projects aimed at precisely that, creating public areas that encourage interaction between colleagues. Padrali’s contribution to the Google Campus in Dublin and the Microsoft House in Milan, as well as several high-end restaurants, highlight the fact that the comfort level of a chair should never be underestimated.

Sustainability – a participative process

The Remind chair, also designed by Eugeni Quitllet, has elements of old wooden chairs of the 19th century – a design rethought with todays materials and technology. Moreover, it is in line with reality. It is the result of a confrontation with it and a creative transformation. In line with the quest for environmental sustainability, this chair is available in a “recycled grey” version, made entirely from recycled material: 50% from plastic material post-consumer waste and 50% from plastic material industrial waste. Talking about reality and responsibility means talking about the circularity of life. Everybody in a way is in the chair, the chair is a reminder of what you have used in the past. Recycling rules tell you to go put the bottles in this container and the carton in this container and nobody knows what happens to them in the end. This chair is a materialization of that process.

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