Ok.Design and The Acapulco Chair Story

April 15, 2023 • creative corner • Views: 1032

Acapulco Chair

Like many iconic pieces of furniture this chair has gotten a life of it’s own, however, many rumours detail different stories about the origin of the design of this beautiful chair so let me further confuse you if I may.

The truth is that the chair is named after the legendary Pacific resort Acapulco in Mexico and that is, perhaps, the only certain thing about it. It got into the spotlight through its presence on the sunny terraces of the Acapulco Bay on which it served as a lounge chair for Hollywood’s greatest stars. With Elvis Presley, Elisabeth Taylor and John Wayne as frequenters of the resort / chair, no photographs are there to support the latter fact. Regardless, the Acapulco chair did succeed at getting recognition all around the world.

After making its debut plenty of manufacturers took claim to this simple yet playful design and the chair had managed to decorate many a balcony worldwide. Interestingly, if there is perhaps one manufacturer that has not compromised on principles of high quality furniture in the production of this iconic piece, it is Ok.design – founded by the Danish couple Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh. They had set out on a creative project of reimagining and introducing into Europe the traditional woven furniture from Mexico, since 2007 and with great success. Among many things, they reiterate the importance of close collaboration at all stages of production – with the designers, the warehouse working in consensus, “hands-on style” – in order to really “know” what the customer receives.

Kirsten and Jacob, designers and founders of OK.Design

In line with that philosophy they were able to tailor this simple and elegant design to a broad customer base expanding their furniture line to include various designs available in vibrant colour variations. Beyond this iconic piece their range of products goes beyond furniture thanks to the their diverse team of designers and various creative collaborations. From elegant plant stands and pendants to simple magazine holders, those thought-through pieces will bring discrete beauty into your home and transcend an atmosphere of that Acapulco tranquility.

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