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December 31, 2020 • design recipes • Views: 1059

You will agree, that we never feel so fabulous and wonderful as during the winter holidays. After all, the atmosphere around – shop windows, winter fairs, classical music – all contribute to amazing emotions. In the final hours of 2020 fresh perspectives and resolutions for The New Year are being formed. Let’s appreciate our cosy homes in the freshness of the last morning of 2020 as well as the warmth of the evening candlelit celebrations! Without further ado I would like to highlight a number of different tricks that unquely shape and tailor our space upholding the festive spirit!

White and light colours are the easiest “trick” to improving the light and space of a room. They reflect light to a degree which increases the feeling of space in an area. They make a room feel open to the natural world. If you don’t find white walls appealing you can add lighter colours to your furnishings with use of drapes, throws and vibrant art and furniture – all of which will create the illusion of light.

Combine textures and materials throughout your dining room such as whitewashed walls, which will provide a clean and crisp backdrop for industrial-look steel and oak. Contrast a palette of icy grey and white and incorporate cosy faux fur and warmth from candlelight.

In traditional home design there is a central light supplemented with lamps and other side lights. Thanks to modern technologies though we now have access to a plethora of excellent lighting choices, but let’s pay special tribute to candelight.

Stoff Nagel

Decorate the festive table with a beautiful candelabra centerpiece ⁠adding an aesthetic and extravagant touch to the arrangement. Nothing could create a nicer ambience than the flickering light reflecting of the cutlery and glasses, bringing together the faces of loved ones and family! Let us have a Happy New Year!

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