New Year Party: Cover All Your Bases Checklist

December 27, 2023 • design recipes • Views: 647

With Christmas Celebrations having passed and the New Year just around the corner, here is a checklist of essential things you will need to start the new year in great style!

✓ Beautiful glassware

The Harvey Collection from Aida adds sophistication to the dinner party and has every glass you might need to show off your mixology skills to your guests. The collection is made of glass with a beautiful facet grinding that gives it an elegant look and gives it a luxurious feeling.

You can also serve your dessert with these beautiful bowls! The thickness of the glassware is as good at keeping the ice in your cocktail from melting quickly, as it is at keeping the beautifully laid-out ice cream scoops in perfect shape for serving the last course.

✓ Ample storage for your wines

Nordal Lorenzo Wine rack

It is essential to make sure that you have an ample supply of wine for the celebrations, and storage space for them. This wine rack can store up to 24 bottles of wine, that should be enough to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. This stylish modern wine rack easily integrates into any interior and is a perfect example of the union of simplicity and functionality.

✓ Robust Cutlery

Gense Old Farmer steak/grill cutlery

This Gense Old Farmer stake/grill cutlery is popular and robust. The combination of the materials, wood and stainless steel, make it exquisite. The blade of the knife is particularly suitable for steaks or barbecued meat, however, it can be used for all sorts of occasions. It is designed with a larger shaft and the blade has extra good sharpness.

✓ Water Carafe

Rosendahl GC Mouthblown water carafe

Mouth-blown glass, an elegant smoke colour, a patinated steel band, and minimalistic grooves. Grand Cru Mouthblown is a modern and stylish take on the iconic Grand Cru carafe with matching glasses, found in many, many homes all over the world. The colours are new, the details are new, but the Grand Cru silhouette is untouched. The numerous repeating grooves create a vibrant and refined play of colours when the light passes through the glass. Besides being decorative, the grooves serve a functional purpose as well, as they ensure a firm grip for small and large hands.

✓ Penty Decorations

Of course, don’t forget to set a festive ambiance by adding some warm candlelight to the festive table. This beautiful candle holder holds 7 candles and even has space for extra decor! This item of decor will dazzle your guests. Check out our New Year collection for more inspiration!

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