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Millennials – this tech-savvy generation of 20-30 year olds, which grew up on social media and have set new standard in the work and lifestyle realm, are also well known for their hip-aesthetics and uniquely decorated living space. A generation in love with flexibility, traveling, exploration and commitment freedom, Millennials set their home to suit their vibrant work-life balance and create a hub for their social, tech and personal growth needs.

Want to get the youth approval stamp in your home as well? Have in mind some of this essential tips to achieve the Millennials’ trendy décor.


Brand Your Room With Your Personality

For Millennials creating the right image is everything. Ever since they set foot into their first social media profile, they had the innate need to portray their individual personality and brand their account with numerous images or thoughts from various travels and occasions. International friendships, exotic destinations, remote working, tech-proficiency and high-level curiosity form the base of their identity. This is why in every Millennial home you will find rich showcase of artifacts and memorabilia from their extensive travels and adventures. But don’t think of eclectic meets serendipity. Millennials infuse their personal brand in a homogenous way throughout the whole living space so find a style that relates to you and keep it consistent.  If industrial chic is in your DNA place the authentic Anderson Chair from our Brooklyn Loft Collection as a accent piece and hang a few of the Malthus Ceiling Lamps to infuse the space with the strong identity of this style.


Millennials2     Inductrial chic style Design your Home

Instagram – Worth Decoration

Millennials spent a substantial time on social media, interacting with friends and acquaintances across the world. For them it is important that the snap shots from their home are top-notch representation of the beautiful setting they live in. Instagram likes and the approval of the online community of your new kitchen and dinning area does matter. This is why you have to keep it stylish, picture ready at all cost and at all times. If you need a piece of furniture with a presence the Franco Dinning Table will create a strong focal point without overpowering the interior. Combine it with the Whitcome Chair to get that trendy look

industrial chic decor

industrial chic decorindustrial chic

Trendy Means Tech

The tech-savvy Millennials like to have their homes digitally equipped with the latest in technology. You don’t need to overdo it but a few smart speakers and a plasma TV will digitalize your home just at the right level. Metal ornaments and polished or glass surfaces will complement the high-end look of your home and infuse a modern touch to go along with the digital pimp of your home. Get the tech look with the Fremont Armchair and the Dupond Coffee Table.

interior design

interior design

interior design

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