Love it or Loathe it, Kitsch is Back!

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With its eclectic nature, Kitsch interiors are back in vogue so now it’s all about bright colours, contrasting patterns, bold ideas and statement pieces. Kitsch is a personal rebellion against design traditions, an expression of your unique taste and exciting design vision. It is about combining different styles, textures and forms to create the signature mark of your living space.

Kitsch interiors are designed to shock and impress. They are a bold statement of aesthetics, lavish showcase of artifacts, ornamental items, decorative tapestry and mix of retro and contemporary. Kitsch style has a certain exotic flavor, a collection of different cultural objects, which somehow blend into an artistic extravaganza showcasing your very individual style.


You can embrace this style and let your imagination dictate how you decorate your interior. Anna Haisings, manager at a Business Office Centre in London states:

“Our new, Kitsch inspired meeting room is the absolute favourite amongst clients. The complete revamp was finished two weeks ago and the majority of both current and new clients make bookings only for the Kitsch room. I guess it’s because it has so much more individuality and character than the rest. We have added some pink and yellow candy coloured chairs as well as the Roomox Lounge Beanbag at the corner just for fun. We have splashed lots of contrasting colours and styles to achieve this eclectic look and clients find the look motivating and inspiring at the same time. “


Kitsch is a brave style to embrace, making open mockery of traditional interior looks and tastes. It carries extravagance in all its manifestation of colours, shapes and arrangements of objects in order to represent brightness, courage and extreme and unique individuality. People who want to stand out from the mass choose Kitsch as an expression of their boldness.

But how do you draw the line between kitsch and bad taste? Kitsch, as any established interior design style has certain basis, which experienced designers follow in order to provide the main objective of this interior – to surprise and even shock.



Simply mix old country style furniture like the Tautou Chair in all colours with gold accessories and ornate lamps. The main colour of Kitsch is red, with the intention to bring any design rule to the absurd.



Pompous chandeliers and paper lanterns can perfectly coexist together in the Kitch Style. Check out our vast lamp collection on to mix and match different styles and shapes to create the wow effect in your living space. A perfect piece for this style is the Obcult Lamp coming also in bright red colour



With Kitsch you have complete freedom over the look and material used to garnish your walls. From wood, plastic to oriental wallpapers – you name it. Unleash your imagination and give your surrounding a true personality.



The main principle of Kitsch is abundance of different décor in very large quantities. Combine different memorabilia from your travels with pictures in oversized frames to create a focal point of lavishness.


So…don’t be cliché! Be Kitsch!

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