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September 22, 2023 • creative corner, design recipes • Views: 536

With the summer having come to an end one finds oneself chasing the last rays of sun, reluctant to let go of the warm relaxing holiday spirit. But fear no more as a few simple tricks will allow you to massively improve the utilisation of light, natural or otherwise, and keep your home lit and spacious!

1. Throw out those bulky wardrobes

Clothes Rack by Malling Living
Clothes Rack from Malling Living, image credits to Helene Grundsø

The Collection of Malling Living will inspire you to rethink your bedroom, allowing you to replace bulky cupboards and heavy-looking wardrobes with light and elegant structures. This highly practical coat rack allows light to transverse through the room, unobstructed, flooding the space with natural light. Directing the flow of light to all corners of the room, this clothes rack will bring freshness and a feeling of order to your bedroom, and most importantly make your room appear a lot more spacious. The simple geometric design of this minimalist furniture piece does not attract a lot of attention and easily blends into the interior.

2. Get some sexy dishware

by Helene Grundsø (MALLING LIVING)
Malling Living Root Cup, Serving Tray and Decantor, image credits to Helene Grundsø (MALLING LIVING)

The collection of dishes offered by Malling Living should not escape your attention. The elegantly shaped coffee cups and the stunning brass serving tray will bring class to any beverage (hot or cold) served to your guests. The simple designs and the high quality materials used allow their dishware to durably perform their function, adding a little decoration to your dining or coffee table.

3. Play with sidelights

Image of Table Lamp from Hübsch
Hübsch Table Lamp

The use of ceiling lights can be a bit aggressive. The table lamps from Hübsch can be a cheeky way to introduce some colour and warm light into your living room space creating a cozy and warm ambiance with just a switch. The use of metal and geometric shapes adds a some playful sophistication to your interior transforming your interior during the shortening days and the lengthening autumn evenings, it is simply Hübsch.

4. Trick your mind with Mirrors

Nordal Mirror
Nordal Mirror

Last but not least, correctly positioning a mirror in your room can immensely expand the perception of the room’s size. Allowing the natural light from the window to bounce off the wall and fill your bedroom with the morning light is surely the best way to be woken up. The floor mirrors from Nordal can easily blend into any interior, getting rid of any claustrophobic corners in a beautiful way.

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