Life in a Glass House

August 16, 2016 • lifestyle • Views: 10092

Challenging our established perception of the home as a privacy shield against the outside world, architect and glass designer Carlo Santambrogio has merged the inside and the outside into his impressive and unique Glass House creations. Located in Milan, Italy, the cube shaped structure is almost entirely made of glass in a subtle blue-tinted colour.


Every feature, from the staircase, through to the kitchen, dining table and chairs, even the bookshelves are also created in Santambrogio’s favourite material, offering full transparency through every element of the house. The only piece not made out of glass is the bed, which is purely for comfort reasons.


Both of the designer’s glass houses are strategically positioned in relatively private spots so they can fully embrace the stunning nature all around. One positioned in the woods and the other by the sea, these houses integrate the surroundings as they instantly become part of the decor. They break the boundaries of the wall, offering visual escape into the wilderness around, fully bathed by the rays of the sun. When the warm caress of the sun is gone the glass floor and walls have an integrated heating, which adds to the cosy feel in the snowy winter night.


The lightweight feel of the house, and its complete transparency mislead the senses in terms of boundaries and space. Every floor and corner of the house is visible from every angle, which challenges the pre-set notion we expect when entering someone’s house. This makes the houses alive, seeing movement and a change of scenery at every moment of the day. At the same time, the effortless design of the structure does not obstruct the beautiful nature around, but is rather integrated with its surroundings.


In addition to being Santambrogio’s most ambitios and iconic project, the two houses are also a showcase of the designer’s line of home furnishings made out of glass. His ability to turn this material into organic, simple and at the same time functional and utterly beautiful items has established him as one of the leading names in the world of stunning architecture and ground-breaking design.


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