Is Your Home in Vogue for 2015

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The minds of the biggest trend forecasters in interior design have already collated their visions for the fashionable home of 2015. We have been chatting to some of highly opinionated and valued professionals of the industry, impatiently searching for tips and clues to reveal what’s trending and what’s ending on the interior design charts for this year. Explore our pick of the top trends that will prevail the interior of the most stylish homes of 2015.




If you were wondering what to do with your colour palette, wonder no more as “yellow is the new pink”. Furniture or accessories in yellow will add a lively stimulation feel to your interior, creating a fashionable focal point. Accentuate your space with a yellow Dull Chair from our Modern Interior collection or place a set of yellow Rafin Chairs from, around the dining table to bring a cool pulse to your living room.




Lidewij Edelkoort, author of one of the world’s most innovative trend books states:

Don’t just buy a chair; buy a chair that makes you smile.

As fashion will be leading with clowns and oversized bow ties, interior will up the game with playful, but structured items that will lift the mood in any house. And is there a better chair to comply with this trend than the Dorm Chair? Ideal for indoors as well as for the garden, this creative chair comes in a range of bright colours, which will infuse your space with positive, happy vibes.




In 2015 we should also pay attention to the “group dynamics” as the Romantic period is making a comeback. The focus will be on groups of objects, rather then single, standalone pieces.   Groupings of accessories will play a significant role in any fashionable décor, creating a beautiful, artistic vibe. You can assemble a number of different in size and shape wall clocks to create an impressive wall composition.   You can also apply the same trick with mirrors, which will add instant dynamic to your room.




Pallets, old doors, vintage suitcases and boxes – aren’t we all in love with the history and feel of these objects. A great way to preserve and put them in use is by transforming them into beautiful, unique furniture for the home – not only saving material, but also continuing their story and life. And in 2015 these creative pieces are definitely high on the interior design trend ladder. Usually mixing hard wood and metal, the industrial chic appeal of the recycled pieces creates an artistic focal point in any interior. Why not explore our Brooklyn Loft collection, with handmade, recycled furniture and accessories and give your home a creative vibe.




In 2015 we are going to see a revival of the warm metals, complementing the space with their signature shine and strong character. Brass, bronze and gold finishes are all in vogue for a wonderful stylish statement in your home. If you fancy this trend then lighting is definitely the way to go. Take a look at Malthus Ceiling Light in brass or check out the elegant Bulle Rs Cf Ceiling Light from Aluminor, which sphere shape and beautiful shiny bronze finish will be the perfect accent piece to set your living space on trend for 2015.

So, is your home in trend for 2015?




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