How to Live Large in a Small Space

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From clever storage solutions to multifunctional furniture – our space cautious urban living requires strategic use of space and tons of TLC. With a few clever tricks and use of the right colors, you can visually enlarge your living space and make the most of your square feet. Here at DYH, our team of design specialist

have put together some of the vital tips to make turn the space limitations of your home into your advantage. To further help you make the right decision head towards our 3D Room Planner here you can upload a picture of the room you want to redesign and accurately visualize how the furniture will fit. But before you unleash that creativity here a few essentials to make your small space-striking.



Using lighter hues will naturally make your space appear larger. White walls, white shelves and white to beige furniture will open the living room as well as adding a crisp and fresh ambiance. White will visually make your room appear bigger and is the preferred colour for smaller interiors




If one of your issues is where to place all this home accessories, books, travel souvenirs and family photos you need to get creative. Wall shelving or even under the stairs storage will instantly add that extra units to display all your memorabilia as well make valuable use of every inch of your flat.




If your living space is limited, don’t overwhelm it with a large coffee table, which will eat up the room and block its centre. Instead, use smaller side tables, which can add a creative focal point as well as serve as a display for your favorite memorabilia or room accessories. Side tables are also easy to move around for a different setting or purpose.




One of the best investments for your petite urban flat is stackable furniture. These clever feature of some chairs and other types of furniture is one of the most effective ways to save space and at the same time not restrict your guests with seating space. If you have a small terrace, then folding chairs will do the trick. A set of the modern Design Folding Chair from DYH Modern Interior brand has a slim design that will take minimum space.




Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate for an office. You can still create a small, yet efficient workspace, offering inspirational and comfortable setting. How about tucking a small desk in that nook under the stairs? Add simple shelving and decorate the wall with creative artwork and you will be surprised how you have transformed this unused space into your own home office.



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