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Masculine, sexy and utterly stylish, the modern bachelor pad is all about immaculate flair. Unfaithful to the stereotypes of messy and tacky interior, with leftovers from last weekend’s party, the contemporary cribs for the single man are a focal point of aesthetic design with latest fashion gadgets.


Bachelor pad 2

The bachelor pad is the epitome of the men with hedonistic approach to life, whose home is always open for any social gathering or entertainment. This is why the living room is one of the most important spaces of his home, where large sleek leather sofas, big screen TVs and striking accents of avant-garde paintings complete the creative look of the space.


Darker colours and polished surfaces contribute to the immaculate masculine look, whose pleasing fashion is inevitably popular with the ladies.




BachelorPad bedroom

The bedroom of the perfect bachelor pad is minimalistic and spacious. You wouldn’t find frilled curtains, ribbons, cute pillows or the occasional stuffed teddy bear from the ex. The modern bachelor is part of the elite minority, who would make up his bed, caring about the neat, yet strong personality of the room. A bold artwork, or oversized painting, would create the perfect focal point, completing the aesthetic ambience of the room.

BacheloreBedroom 1



Bachelore wardrobe

The ample space of the dressing room is a must to back up the party-boy image with the young, ambitious professional willing to pursue his dreams and career.



bachelor pad5

A metal or high-gloss kitchen, mainly used to mix this Friday night cocktails, is an essential feature of the entertainment purpose of every bachelor pad. The dark coloured units create a sophisticated and ultra modern look to complement the masculinity evoked from that space.




White and pale colours are not welcome in the bathroom either. Darker hues, avant-garde bathtub and clutter-free stone shelves make for the perfect bachelor pad bathroom.





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