Get the look: Scandinavian Simplicity

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Simple, beautiful and functional, the Scandinavian design has been one of the leading and most desired interior styles, transforming homes with its innate craftsmanship and minimalistic look. At DYH we praise our Scandinavian Interior collection, mastered to offer honest materials, earthy muted tones and durable furniture. The understated elegance of this style, shines through minimal ornamentation and clean lines, which create a living harmony and comfort. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a beautiful Scandinavian interior



To give your space a Scandinavian ambience apply natural, muted tones to your walls as well as furnishings. Combine hues from the grey, white and beige colours spectrum, which will infuse your space with subtle sophistication and understated elegance. You are allowed to pop an unexpected splash of colour or texture to add dynamics to the room and further underline the simplistic yet beautiful arrangement of furnishings. The stylish Malmo cushion is a great addition the Malmo Armchair with Footstool in yellow from our exceptional Scandinavian Interior collection, which offers furniture and accessories infused with the timeless Scandinavian minimalist and functionality.





In contrast with other European countries, full-floor carpets were never popular in the Scandinavian countries. The wooden floor has been a signature feature of any Scandinavian inspired interior, showcasing beautiful grains and wood patterns. For a truly northern look apply light colour to your wooden floor for beige, almost white wooden floors.





The Scandinavian style is mostly recognized for its showcase of wood, not only on the floor and ceiling, but also within every piece of furniture. Solid wood table tops, wooden chair frames and whole wooden walls will create that earthy feel, innate to every Scandinavian interior. Place the Talsma Bench on one side of your dining table as opposed to chairs to create an asymmetric look for an artistic focal point. Simple, yet functional, the Santana Tray Table is a great complement to you living room, ideal for keeping memorabilia or serving an afternoon snack.



Form & Function


The emphasis on form and functionality is the most recognized characteristic of the Scandinavian interior design. From the architectural aspect to the furniture design, clean lines are the ruling principle for all Northern designers. Minimalistic in look with scarce ornamentations, these furniture offer comfort and undeniable practicality, making every interior liveable. Marry the Randers Sofa Bed, form our Scandinavian Interior collection with the Malmo Table set of 3 to offer your space both the functionality and clean forms the truly Scandinavian style.



Minimum Accessories


A key aspect of obtaining the desired Scandinavian style is to decluter and create an airy feel in your space. Scale back on accessories, which will also expose the natural surface and textures of your furniture. Wondering what ceiling light might match your northern interior? Sometimes a simple hanging cable with a bulb is more than enough to give a raw, simplistic feel, innate to the desired Scandinavian style.


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