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Dark Scandinavian interior design

February 27, 2017 • OTTO'S CORNER • Views: 7555

Hello to all my new fans out there. My name is Otto and I am the creative director of the interior design office Otto von Berlin. Did I mention I am also Berlin’s most handsome French Bulldog? No? Now you know. Once a month, I will be taking over DesignSpice to give you some insights into the world of interior design. Today, I will tell you what this so-called ‘Dark Scandinavian’ style is all about.

Dark Scandinavian interior design, Hello World

Scandinavia is known for all sorts of things: cinnamon buns, moose, beautiful landscapes. But also for great interior design. The Scandinavian interior design combines functionality, cosiness, comfort and minimal accessories with a gentleness and clarity of the shapes of lines. Its tidiness and simplicity is considered the new modern approach to interior design.

Very characteristic for this design style are simple, functional shapes, minimalistic décor, warm colours and nuances, which compensate the lack of light and warmth in the Northern climate. However, we at Otto von Berlin like a cosy but darker atmosphere. That’s when Gregor, CEO of our creative factory, came up with the idea of a darker approach to Scandinavian design. The ‘Dark Scandinavian’ was born.

Dark Scandinavian interior

Dark Scandinavian interior design, bedroom

I came up with quite an essential rule for you guys when it comes to a ‘Dark Scandinavian’ interior design style: “Don’t be afraid of darker colours”. Whereas whiteness is the key to regular Scandinavian style, the usage of darker colours is essential for our approach. The walls, ceilings, even the floor and textile elements are a mixture between different shades of grey and black colours. The elements emphasise the clear lines of the shapes. It is also important to define the main colour, around which the interior will be based.

Wood is just as essential, folks. Don’t be afraid to show it. Depending on the colour of the space, our favourite interior designer likes to play with lighter or darker wood. It keeps the cosy, “hyggelig” atmosphere, but gives the space a bit more edginess and works perfectly with any kind of metal within the room.

Light Scandinavian interior design

(Yes, we can do light Scandinavian as well – but in smaller proportions…)

I will now give you a couple of extra tips on how to customise your room to be perfectly ‘Dark Scandinavian’:


Truly ‘Dark Scandinavian’ is very liveable. Every inch of the space is used to its maximum potential.

Dark Scandinavian interior design, office


There are some incredible pieces from several designers. From the mid-century period, creative minds like Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner stand out and their pieces are just as stunning today as they were when they were conceived. Extra tip: Use extravagantly shaped lamps in copper, like the Brighton Floor Lamp to accentuate that part of the room.

Dark Scandinavian interior design

Tape Art

Tape Art – you heard correctly: the art of using such a simple thing as duct tape. It’s perfect: non-permanent, so you can change up your artwork frequently. You can customise it to your own needs and come up with a very arty presentation of your wall.

Dark Scandinavian interior design, tape art

Geometric-shaped Chairs

If there is one thing that sets your Scandinavian interior design apart from other styles, then it’s the implementation of geometric shapes in any possible variation. Chairs in particular, but also the Mammoth Chair from Norr11 will accentuate your space.

That’s it for today, my fans. Stay tuned till next month for more inspiration from your favourite creative directing French Bulldog.

We love interior design. We are Otto von Berlin. Get inspired.




Picture sources: Pictures #1 and #5 by David Nassim of Fizz foto:graphy; pictures #4 and #6 (featured image) by Urs Kuckerts Photography; pictures #2, #3 and #7 by Otto von Berlin.

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