Feeling Blue? Explore the Calming Effects of That Colour

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Colours have a strong effect on our feelings and perception and their intensity can directly affect our everyday mood and emotions. This is why, picking up the leading colour for your walls or decoration is vital to the ambience of the living space in your home. In his own words, even Pablo Picasso praises the power of colours:

Colours, like features, follow the changes if emotions. Pablo Picasso


Each of the four primary colours – red, blue, yellow and green can significantly alter the way we experience a certain environment and the emotional relation we create with it. These colours relate respectively to the body, mind, emotions and the balance between these three.


Blue has always been considered the intellectual colour. Its positive properties is serenity and calm and it is proven by numerous researches that blue is the colour that brings soothing to the mind.   Stronger hues of blue stimulate clear thought and the lighter ones will calm you down and help concentration. This is why blue is a recommended colour for study rooms or home office corners as it enhances the productivity of people.


Blue is also one of the most popular colours used for bedrooms as its tranquil qualities cause the body to produce calming chemicals that relax the mind.

According to the Eastern believes the subconscious mind reacts to the colours around you for the flow of energy in your body. A blue wall, or blue sofa like the Cadiva Modular Sofa from our Luxurious collection, will create that strong visual connection with your mind allowing the mind the absorb the colour’s calming, quieting and curative energy. According to the Buddhist philosophy blue is the colour of clarity and if you want to achieve stillness and pure mind you should adorn at least one part of your home with different hues of blue. Such rooms create a sense of faith and hope.


Blue is also the colour of harmony. This is why it is considered the most popular and preferred colour in the world for fashion as well as interior design. It is a colour that is very easy to combine with other pastel hues and you can easily accessorise your blue cabinet or couch with something shiny or simply a colourful cushion.


If you want to go darker and more dramatic use navy blue – also called royal blue. This colour conveys importance and confidence without being sinister and will create a powerful, rich and deep nuance in you living space.



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