Fall Interior Design Trends – Otto’s do’s and don’ts for your space

September 15, 2017 • OTTO'S CORNER • Views: 2675

Folks, believe it or not, but fall is just around the corner. As Creative director from Otto von Berlin, I already have to set my sight on what home design and hues will be huge. So, we scouted some popular interior design, consulted the internet and asked some interior design experts which trends they’re loving for the upcoming season – and which ones they (and we) wish would go away. Most importantly, it’s always essential to choose what you love, regardless of what might be in style. But as the weather shifts into fall, it can be fun (and not to mention easy and cheap) to make a few changes to your space as well. Here’s what I predict will be “in” and “out” for fall and winter 2017.

IN: Azulejo tiles – Portuguese painted and tin-glazed ceramic tile-work

For the last couple of years, Brooklyn styled Subway tiles have been conquering walls and floors of most spaces, especially coffee shops in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. We are still in love with those, don’t get us wrong, but ever since our trip to Lisbon, Portugal, we have been obsessed with the traditional Azulejo tiles. Their colors, shapes and prints are simply mesmerizing and capturing – perfect to accentuate your kitchen or bathroom. For those who are living la vida low budget: there are plenty of removable wallpaper and floor decals to stick-on existing tiles and make it easier than ever to make quick home improvements.

IN: Dark paint – Because nobody should ne afraid of darker colors

Darker paint is an obvious choice for us at Otto von Berlin. It has always been our mantra: “Don’t be afraid of darker colors” – and other experts are approving our message. PPG Paints, Glidden Paints and Olympic Paints & Stains, some of the leading paint brands internationally, have all announced dark black colors as their color of the year. Make room for Black Flame, Deep Onyx and Black Magic – it’s always good to have a little drama in your life.

OUT: COPPER – Thank you, ‘Insert name of Swedish Furniture Company here’

As much as people like a specific Swedish furniture brand and our competitor, it is always a good indicator where to move away from, once it hits their stores – and copper is most certainly an overloading color in their stores. Just like marble and rose gold, copper finally seems to have run their course. Enough with the overly shiny, obviously fake home accents that have flooded the market in recent years – it’s outdated. But instead, the trend is now moving toward classic aged brass, just as an additional hint…

IN: VELVET & DARK GREEN – Bringing the outside indoor with royal style

Most of the colors outside may be changing, but inside, things are going green – in living rooms, in kitchens, just everywhere. Combined with rich natural wood and leather and accented with brass, the cozy color is a perfect fit for fall and winter. Especially our most beloved dark green velvet couch is my and my owner Gregor’s favorite spot in our apartment. Velvet always feels luxurious and welcoming for fall and winter, and when combined with rough natural textures, as I mentioned before, it adds visual interest and tactile coziness to a room.

IN: MATTE BLACK HOME ACCESSORIES – Once you’ve gone black, you never go back

Kitchens and bathrooms of the world: look out for matte black light fixtures, faucets, for black sinks and appliances. The contrast of the space compared to your matte black home accessories, will draw every eye’s attention. White tiles, with a white ceramic sink, a brass vase and black sink are a popular combination for example. But they also go well with wood counters or other wood elements.

OUT: ALL-WHITE INTERIOR – The Scandinavian sensation in white finally waves its flag

I have been waiting for this for too long, but finally it’s time to say farewell to an all-white interior design. It’s finally time to color up your interiors. Most of our designer colleagues are moving away from all white and grey spaces and instead embracing warm, rich shades of brown, black, green and blush. In case you need some additional inspiration, you can always check out our website for more.

But so much for now; it’s time for me again to have my daily workout at Hasenheide. Gregor, move your bum, I am not going to wait any extra second.

Till we meet again.
Yours Otto, von Berlin.

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