Eclectic Décor:: Mixing Old and New Styles

August 17, 2015 • design recipes • Views: 4344

A spacious warehouse in Sydney has been given a complete makeover, infusing the interior with eclectic flair and one very special centrepiece – an oversized moulded cocoon taking central role in the vast upper living space. Seemingly supporting the ceiling, the shape and form of this man cave serves as the ultimate unique feature of the house, while on the inside it presents the residents with ample bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The futuristic aesthetics of the cocoon intertwines with the old soul and features of the warehouse creating the inimitable character of the interior design.


The curvaceous forms of the cocooned sleeping pod create a pleasant contrast with the straight lines of the beam ceiling. The rest of the house interior artistically combines old and new, eclectically mix-matching furniture, prints and different materials.   The lower floor of the warehouse has an indoor pool and steam room for recreational purposes as well as a stylish bar in brass and bricks.


The vast open plan area of the second floor features an ultra modern kitchen complemented by recycled wood bar top and industrial style chairs like the Layla Stool from our Brooklyn Loft collection. This chic combination infuses the space with utter style and artistic flair. Retro classic chairs re-upholstered with modern print fabrics surround the marble dining room, reinforcing the successful marriage of old and new styles and shapes.


The organic shapes of the sleeping pod in the centre of the living room create a cosy private retreat as well as a clever use of space. The artistic centrepiece also features a recessed LED light, which highlights the contours of the cocoon and emphasises its floaty shapes.





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