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Whatever your go-to drink may be on a pleasant autumn evening, never underestimate what it is served in. Not only reserved to the opinions of snobby wine connoisseurs, hipster craft beer brewers or that pretentious bartender at your closest cocktail bar that is hypnotically good with those shakers, they all may have a point. As supported by mounting scientific evidence, you do taste with your mouth, nose, eyes and ears – all at the same time.

Luigi Bormioli Gin & Tonic Glass

To name a few examples of how subjective your taste may be, it seems like certain music can change your wine from sweet to sour1. Meanwhile, a red hue of ambient light can make you willing to pay a lot more for a glass of Riesling, compared to the same glass sampled in white, blue or green light2. Beyond modifying your tasting experience through the ambiance, it is perhaps the nose that contributes most to the perception of taste. While the vocabulary of your tongue is limited to 5 different words – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory – the explosion of flavours that you get from that first swirl of drink reaches far beyond and is accomplished through the integration of smell3. Therefore, the back of a wine bottle usually describes a red wine as something like a “full-bodied hit of ripe cherry and blackcurrants, with an undertone of loamy soil, charred herbs, pencil shavings, and a lasting aftertaste of roasted hazelnut” rather than just stopping at “sweet”. All this gibberish is definitely the workings of the nose, that poeticises whatever travels in its vicinity.

Luigi Bormioli Wine Glasses

So to the point we get. It is, of course, mostly the shape of the glass that allows for the enchanting vapours to concentrate and linger around the focal point so you can dip your nose into the bouquet and then take that first sip of your drink that will reveal all the flavours, leaving you finally with that delicate aftertaste so well described on the bottle blurb. “Ah, but where to get the appropriate glass for the beverage of my preference?” you ask!

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Beer Glasses

Luigi Bormioli has what you want from your glassware and more… The Italian company was founded in 1946 and since then has been dedicated to creating glassware of the highest quality. In collaboration with Centro Studi Assaggiatori (International specialists of sensory analysis) they have developed the glasses specifically shaped to emphasise the mouthfeel and aroma of each Beer Style or Wine Type. Most importantly the elongated shape of the glass allows the smells of the beverage to bloom into the aromatic chamber of the glass, the Head Space, and make the first point of contact with your nose.
Here are just 3 other main reasons Luigi Bormioli excel at what they do:

  1. The Titanium reinforced design of those glasses makes them considerably more resistant to breakage
  2. The Ultra clarity of the glass compatible with that of glass made for paintings
  3. The New-age glass making technology means low levels of CO2 emissions and no lead or heavy metals are used in the production.

With a glass perfectly suited for every kind of drink, guaranteeing you the optimal experience!


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