Does design change behavior?

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In the words of Winston Churchill:

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

The relation between people and their environment is mediated by many contexts, affecting our physical, social and psychological worlds. Designers are constantly exploring the way buildings and their interiors affect behaviors and attitudes. As a result, nowadays they aspire to create interiors that are not only trendy, functional and attractive, but also able to change performances and the mindset of people who use those spaces.

Spotify Offices

Spotify office, NYC

New office buildings are created to stimulate a more efficient and productive work environment. One of the popular concepts in modern interior design is the ‘bump into’ space. This ensures that the layout of the office allows employees to accidentally bump into each other more often creating many occasions for a brief chat – a key element to good communication within the company.

Adding a number of the Jondo Lounge Chairs in the lobby of our office made our employees interact with people from the other departments of the company. Everybody loves to stop by, check out how comfortable these chairs are and engage in an occasional chat. These modern pieces really create a socially motivating atmosphere for people to meet. Barbara Condamin, Founder of Coco B Events.

Adobe Offices

Adobe Offices

Another element that improves interaction between people in a corporate environment is the absence of signs, which stimulates people to seek and offer help simultaneously. This philosophy prompts the creation of relationships and enables people to meet as many of their colleagues as possible.


A significant change in people’s behavior in newly designed office buildings is that they are generally feeling much more productive. Research shows that new furniture provides extra motivation amongst employees to perform better and be much more effective in the company’s activities. This is due to their feeling of involvement with the new design and that the management has valued them enough to invest in alterations.


What we noticed at our DYH office was the substantially greater use of our newly designed lounge area adding a few of the ROOMOX Lounge Premium Beanbags. Their multifunctional use and great comfort features makes them a popular choice amongst our team for impromptu meetings as well as relax sessions. The team is really pleased with the comfort and stylish look of the beanbags, encouraging them to prefer the lounge area rather than the meeting room for their meetings and occasional brainstorming sessions, which creates a dynamic buzz in the whole office.


Have you noticed how design around you changes behavior? We are curious to hear your experiences.

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