December 23rd: one day to Christmas Eve

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The day is special for many reasons, in part overpowered by the exhilaration of the coming up Christmas celebrations and preparations. Excluding the last-minute shopping sprees, for which, definitely check out our Christmas and New Year’s special collection, it is the day family members start to arrive, with all the warmth and excitement built up. The good and the bad times of the year are discussed for ages at the table. Nothing, I think, reflects this close natural family dynamic than the RAW collection from AIDA.

Second coffee

AIDA Collection

Family can be a bit much to handle in the morning, but by the second coffee everyone is more or less awake, receptable and conversation is forthcoming. Reflecting on the intimacy and unfilterndness of those early hour morning interactions, it is a privelage to see your family in it’s true colours. It is this, rough around the edges vibe that this set of stoneware from the RAW brings to us. These beutiful sets of cups and bowls bring out that extra coziness and one can almost imagine getting a wiff of cinnamon from that homemade jam that had waited the whole year to be opened.

Soup and Drama

By lunchtime, perhaps, political discussions are sparked, be it disagreements on the government’s ability to handle the covid pandemic or the frequency with which new regulations are changed, following the race between the virus strains and scientists. Nothing settles frustration better than some hot soup with crunchy croutons, or perhaps a hot cup of tea. The vibrant colours of the stoneware bring out the joy in any meal, bringing people together at the table with the smells of food lingering in the air.

Dine with Sharpness

AIDA RAW Dinner plate

Finally, the dinner place cannot look more sharp for a family gathering than with these sublime sets of dinner plates. Providing a darker background, the colour of these plates will accentuate the colours within your evening meal and blow your family away before they even take the first bite. The whole collection borrows features and colours from nature and integrates them in our everyday life, bringing us all closer together at such a wonderful time in the year. The good and the bad times can be shared in this setting. Eventually, the conversation quiets down until you can finally hear the romantic christmas comedy playing in the background. After all, it is the National Christmas Movie Marathon Day.

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