Dare To Go Dark?

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Have you noticed that some of the most sought-after and fashionable public spaces have embraced the dark colour scheme from the wall colours through to the furniture and accessories? Most people are afraid in applying these same patterns and darker hues at home and they might just be very wrong in thinking this will make their space look smaller and cramped.



Dark colours offer unparalleled chic and elegance to any living or public space. The rich and deep hues of black and grey’s create a dramatic flair and a mysterious aura around any interior and can be applied for absolutely any room in the house – living, bedroom, kitchen and dinning, even in the bathroom. Depending on the intensity of the colours, a dark-coloured wall will be able to accentuate your furniture and add a subtle contrast that will make key accessories and elements from the room pop up.



Darker hues of blue and green will create serenity in the space, ideal for living rooms, which will be used mainly for family relaxation rather that entertainment. They will enhance the features, colour, even texture of your sofa, creating an essential focal point in the room.



Who said bathrooms should be white? There is nothing more standard and boring than a plain white tile bathroom. Unleash your imagination and make your bathroom an indulging retreat room, a relaxation point where you can reflect in calm. The easiest way to do this is to apply dark wall colour and floor tiles with some natural exposed wood frames. This will instantly transform your bathroom into a personal aesthetic sanctuary.



The bedroom is also one of the most preferred rooms for dark colour experimentation. Apply a dark grey wall colour and furnishing and the imminent effect will definitely weight the scale towards a much-preferred romantic ambiance. Decorate with a few stand-out pieces like white picture frames and lamp shades to create the needed contrast for a dynamic atmosphere.   A natural feature of dark coloured bedrooms is their instant invitation to relax and switch off from the daily stress and troubles.



Another part of the house that will gladly adopt the darker hues is the kitchen and dining area.   One of the main reasons is purely practical – with black kitchen tops and shelving, dirt is barely noticeable, and all the baking queens out there, would know what we mean. On the other hand is the solely aesthetic side of making your kitchen in dark coloured material. A dark cherry wooden tops will transform your kitchen into a sophisticated space that you would want to show off to friends on your elegant dinner parties.



So, do you dare to go dark?


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