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There’s not much you can do change the physical dimensions of your home. You are generally stuck with the existing walls in their existing locations. If you’re lucky, you may be able to take out a partition or even eliminate an entire corridor. However, even if you can’t perform radical surgery of this kind, don’t despair: there are other ways to create a feeling of space. Through choice of furniture and accessories, for instance.

MALLING LIVING: Clothes rack, large, black

Here the main thing is to avoid spatial overload. A room with fewer pieces of furniture will naturally seem larger. When selecting furniture, choose pieces that are ethereal – airy. The above clothes rack, for instance, is a minimalistic shadow, a frame for favourite clothes and beautiful walls. The lamp below will tiptoe into your room but, once there, will take its stand with quiet assurance: a delicate outline with a tonne of personality.

HÜBSCH: Floor lamp, metal, white

Meanwhile, this cabinet on legs would be equally at home in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. It does not block out the wall behind it but leaves an impression of continuity of space.

Nordal, LIAO black cabinet
Nordal: BONA lamp, clear glass w/grooves

Finally, introducing elements of glass – in the form of additional mirrors, cabinet fronts, or lamps – will help scatter light through your interior. The lamp above is Nordal’s Bona with grooves. The lamp below is the Luzette, a classic designed by Peter Behrens in 1907.

Peter Behrens, Luzette Lamp

Minimalistic pieces like this, of course, encourage a likewise minimalistic lifestyle. If your desire is to live in a space which is without clutter and in which the furniture is ethereal, shadowy, even ghostly, you may need to declutter your own life first.

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