Colour, colour, colour!!!

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Get out of your comfort zone of cream, beige and neutral and reinvigorate your space with the power of colours. Feel good, feel energized, feel optimistic!

Colours help uplift the interior, cheer you up and express your personality. It is a very individual choice that defines a big part of who you are, but you have to be sure you can live with it. Check out our selection of the top three colour trends.



The impactful Marsala colour was chosen as Pantone colour of the year 2015. This rich, sophisticated and at the same time elegant hue offers a strong statement with its natural earthiness. Infuse any room with marsala’s fulfilling warmth by incorporating accent pieces, accessories or wall paint in this grounding red-brown colour. This hearty and very chic tone in naturally enhanced when applied on textured surfaces, making it ideal for rugs and different types of upholstery.





An all time favourite is the green and pink combination in interior. These two rich colours have a great visual relationship, creating a warm, inviting palette, balancing each other without overwhelming the interior. What’s more, 2015 is all about the colour green, in all of its hues from mint to emerald. The colour of freshness, of nature, balance and well-being. The Trohpix Dining Chair comes in a great variety of colours, which you can mix and match for a dynamic appeal.





If you decide to empower your interior with a change of a wall colour, why not try layering different types of blue to make a powerful on-trend statement in any living room. This colour is predominantly popular this year, tracing back its inspiration from ‘people power’ – a reflection on the digital connections and social media. This colour trend captures the spirit of the movement as well as being associated with optimism, openness and communication. If you go for this expressive colour combine it with a white, stand alone piece of furniture in cashmere or premium leather. - My blog


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